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January 29 2008

Reuters gives high marks to Eliza Dushku's movie, "Bottle Shock". The reviewer calls it a "'Rocky' for wine aficionados", and praises Eliza's performance as a bartender who helps a Napa winery make its mark in the world wine scene by winning a competition against top French wines in 1976. The movie had its premiere recently at Sundance.

I'm excited to read a little more about this, and hope it becomes available soon. Along with ED, it also stars Alan Rickman (who's fabulous as Judge Turpin in the equally fabulous movie-I'm-currently-obsessed-with, Sweeney Todd).
This is obviously based upon George Taber's book "Judgment of Paris" which detailed the initial wine tasting in Paris and its replication later in the USA. Chateau Montelena chardonay won over its French rivals and essentially set the state for the development of California wine as it is today. But, having read Taber's book (and being a collector of fine wine- I have 3 bottles of Harlan coming soon), I can definitily state that the story as it was reviewed here bears almost no resemblance to what really happened. Which will not take away from the movie, of course, but it is not what happened, in case anyone thinks that it is. Just saying. :-)
Is this descriptive paragraph on the front page a spoiler for the movie? :(
This is great news! I can't wait to see it.
Wee. Alan Rickman and Eliza Dushku in the same movie!

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