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January 30 2008

D.B. Woodside to play Martin Luther King, Jr., in off-Broadway play. He'll be in "The Conscientious Objector" from March 4 through April 19.

Are any theater people familiar with the Keen company, Carl Forsman, or Michael Murphy? I'd be very interested in seeing a well-written and presented account of this period of Dr. King's life.
No, but I'm familiar with John Cullum. It would be unusual for him to do a stage production that is not first rate. I wonder when ticket go on sale.
I believe they're on sale now here.

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Men like Martin Luther King are dearly missed today, especially when I see democracy in western industrialized countries more and more being sold out to a mere pecking order.

Good luck for the stage play, I very much liked D.B. Woodside in his role on "Buffy".

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