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January 30 2008

Congratulations to Jenny Mollen on her engagement. Our favorite female werewolf is engaged to American Pie star Jason Biggs.

"I had never dated an actor before, so I'd kind of hoped to steer clear," she told Us. "I was sort of on the fence, and he sort of won me over."

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So...her and Drew broke up I take it? ;)
I dunno...I always liked Veruca...Just kidding! Congratulations, Jenny!
Kind of, sort of, sort of? Well, as long as you're sure, JM(ollen) ;)
Good for her and for Jason who is a good guy, I hear. Still, once you go Ultimate Drew, I heard you never go back. ;-)
Hmm, I never thought her and Drew G broke it off.
Does this mean Drew Goddard is single? ;)
Why does this sound so much like another game of six degrees of kevin bacon? Better yet, Six Degrees of Joss Whedon.
Okay, so it's not about Paige Moss after all :(
I remember when the Jason Biggs' "PR Machine" made a big deal about him being a Huh? Good for him.
Congrats to Jenny and Jason.
(Commiserations and my phone number to Drew.)

I do wonder though, if the happy couple will have wedding pie, instead of cake...
Per the Los Angeles Times (of all publications), Drew Goddard is now dating Caroline Williams, a writer for the U.S. version of "The Office" and (at least immediately prior to the strike) working on a new show called "Mis/Guided." So it appears that Original Drew still has romance in his life. And speaking of the six degrees of Joss-eperation thing, Jason Biggs is in the new movie "Over Her Dead Body," which features Kali Rocha ("Buffy's" Cecily/Halfrek) in a supporting role.
Plus, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs had that whole American Pie thing.
Mis/Guided? Wasn't that the new show that Vm's Rob Thomas was going to show run, before pulling out and joining the Big Shots staff.
Anyway, weird, as far as I rememeber Ultimate Drew was still part of the Lost staff. He even got to co-write one of the upcoming new episodes (I think it's next week's) with the newest memeber of the Whedon gang, season8 writer BKV.
Reading all of this Drew love made me start wondering what he looks like, and my search brought me to this article about his love of Fallout Boy, which I thought was pretty funny:

Kind of off topic, I know.
zeitgeist, yeah, not a ringing endorsement there. "Whatever 'in love' means" comes to mind.
jcs, here is a good picture of him.
JCS- Thanks for that link. I'm a ginormous FOB fan and never knew they were into Buffy. I LOVED this quote from the MTV article
"If you're partying with Drew Goddard, prepare to have your mind blown."

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