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February 01 2008

New movie project for Sarah Michelle Gellar? Working with Ian Holm and Brendan Fraser...

From the Production Charts website:


STATUS: Spring 2008
PRODUCER: Jennifer Dana - Todd Haynes - Darryn Welch
CAST: Sarah Michelle Gellar - Brandon Fraser - Ian Holm - Naveen Andrews - Donald Sutherland

Set in New York City, this is the story of an aging screenwriter, Charlie (Holm) who's fame and health is rapidly fading and the sudden arrival of a professional killer Abed (Andrews), posing as his caregiver is sent to assassinate him under strict orders from the enigmatic Ben (Fraser). The plot thickens when certain details are revealed to be far more intricate than a simple murder plot.

Hmm- so SMG has a 'Looking Glass' project, and an 'Alice' on the cards.

I would yell 'CONSPIRACY' but it may come off as kind of paranoid...
Interesting to see the TV Buffy team up with her movie Watcher. (Didn't Joss have certain issues working with Sutherland?)
If I remember correctly, Joss called Donald a "prick."

Hm. I find it interesting that Sarah is working with the man who Joss WANTED to play Merrick (Ian Holm) and the man who DID.
I also seem to recall words not dissimilar to "prick" being bandied about by Joss in relation to Donald Sutherland, so "certain issues" may not quite cover it ;).

Could be interesting, it's not a bad cast.

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I remember reading something about Donald re-writing his lines without getting them through Joss, or something like that.

If this movie really keeps this cast, is gonna be something really interesting to watch out, even if just for this cast trivia.
Sayid! Sayid!

Could be interesting, it's not a bad cast.

Understatement much, Saje?!

Holm is a personal favorite; his Gloucester/Richard III on the BBC's criminally unavailble "Wars of the Roses" from over 40 years ago was astounding. And he was a great Flewellyn in Branagh's Henry V. Just a teriffic actor.

I've seen two movies in the theater in the past 8 years (The Simpsons was the other one), but I may go see this one.
With all due respect, I don't see this happening. Just my thought on the matter.
Madhatter;I hope not.
I'll be there if SMG gets to say, "It's a robot. Ash is a god damn robot." :)

More seriously, Naveen Andrews has been in some amazing things - and then he has been in the things everybody has seen. To see his range, check out the BBC mini-series The Buddha of Suburbia or My Own Country (directed by Mira Nair). I'd be excited to see him interacting with SMG - that might be a good combo.
I suspect Madhatter could well be right. This film was first mentioned a couple of years back. Having said that, I'd be interested to find out more. Oren Moverman co-wrote the fabulous 'I'm Not There'.
Oh, geez,another Raiders of the Stone Rings? (Okay, I don't expect anyone to recognize that.)

Yeah, I know how it is and how these thingsc an look so set up & then nto happen. Altho I mostly know how things that do happen change from the original. For example, I heard Popeye was originally supposed to star Henry Winkler and Farrah Fawcett instead of Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall. Or soemthing like that.
They had me at Naveen.

I want so much to see Buddha Of Suburbia, but I can't find it anywhere.

He's worked with Principal Wood before, in the film Easy. Emily Deschanel (Bones) is in it too.
Oh c'mon now Sarah! Just bloody well do a BTVS returns already...
Buddha of Suburbia was fab. This is where I do my annual plug for people to get region-free DVD players - and then enjoy the freedom of ordering direct from Amazon UK.
Another good movie with Naveen Andrews- where i first saw him actually- was Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love. Also starring Indira Varma (HBO's Rome). Great Movie and not a sex flick as the title may suggest.
Very exciting for Sarah and I'll go watch anything she plays in. Seconding rebaroz's thoughts and adding a plea to Joss to write that perfect script. :)

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