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February 01 2008

FX 2008 panel with Fillion, Rohm, and Brendon. Serenity Stuff has this video from a panel last month featuring Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Rohm, and Nicholas Brendon.

"The Nathan Fillion Show" is an apt description, but it should be noted that Nick does the Snoopy Dance in the fourth part.

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Is it me or is NB looking more and more like Bruce Campbell?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
Added commentary, and what got missed in my video!
Thank you so much for that link! That was so much fun to watch the four videos and look at the pictures. I love all three of them!

Nick does the Snoopy Dance in the fourth part.

That poor man. Has he ever made an appearance where someone didn't ask him that?
To his credit, he did it without hesitation or complaint.
As far as I'm concerned, there can never be too much Snoopy Dancing.
Cool, ta for that, filmer type person ;). And linker type person too.

Is it just me though or was Nick Brendon a leetle bit shirty at the start ? Seems like he felt it was a bit too much 'The Nathan Show' and so we had this kind of passive aggressive "Remarkable" schtick. No biggie I guess, just left a slightly bad taste (though obviously in real life, a snarky sense of humour sometimes comes across as more snark and less humour - there're no second takes - so I guess it might've just been a "bit" that mis-fired).

(or was he riffing on something I, as a US culturally unaware Brit, am, err, unaware of ? In which case, unreservedly withdrawn ;)

ETA: Watched it again a couple of times BTW and does Elizabeth Rohm say "What an asshole" or something similar after the guy asks if Joss caused 'Firefly' to get cancelled (in part 4) ? Made me smile anyway ;). Brave question I guess (if it was meant sincerely rather than as a sort of real-life troll), probably the wrong place to ask it though.

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If I were there, I would've discreetly started kicking the back of that guy's chair. I've been on the receiving end of that annoyance - so I know I'd be malicious but he got it coming! How dare he insinuate that our Lord and Creator of All Things Whedon was responsible for one of his babies getting yanked. Did he not know what the PowersThatBlah did to our beloved show?
Well contrary opinions are fine obviously but I can't help wonder at his motives. I mean, what did he think they'd actually say ? Even if it's true (and all the evidence seems to be against this), they're hardly likely to admit it in a public forum. Still, that's the beauty of freedom of expression, you're allowed to be wrong ;).

(might've been "What a dick" in fact. Or something else entirely - "Well said" maybe ? - don't want to mis-attribute insults to Ms Rohm ;)
Saje- I felt the same way. It got really irritating and I kept wishing he'd shut up.

I really hope Nathan's at Comic Con this year. *crosses fingers*
I don't think I'll go out of my way to ever see a panel with NB on it. I don't think Nathan will be sitting on another one with him either.

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Yeah... I don't think Nick was shirty just at the beginning. He seemed a little annoyed the whole time. "Act better?" that one was a bit much to me. I hope this was just a bad day on Nicks part cuz I really like him. Though I would probably be annoyed to if I was asked to do the snoopy dance and pretty much no other questions.
I don't think Nathan will be sitting on another one with him either.

By the end of it I was thinking either they really like/know each other and just have what to outsiders looks like pretty close to the bone banter or y'know, they don't.

Gotta tend towards the latter unfortunately cos Nathan didn't look that happy as he got up to leave (wouldn't be surprised if a few choice words followed ;) and the "comma-holic" comment could be seen as a wee dig back at Nick Brendon (NOT about his drinking problem directly IMO, it felt more like it was implying he goes on about it a bit).

Bit jarring when we see their clay feet but people are people and everyone has off days.
I don't understand conventions and the whole Q&A thing, how they're set up, but I found Nick's behavior disturbing throughout. Why was Fillion taking over right from the start like he was the moderator? Did that set Nick off? He was asked questions and answered them in flip style, even going so far as to indiscreetly say that Joss wanted Xander killed off (don't have a drinking problem when you're doing a show). Had he been on panels with NF before? Elizabeth seemed to take things more in stride. That was odd to watch.
It was a little odd, but at conventions there's always also the question of larger context. Something could have just happened elsewhere that put NB in a mood (a surly fan making cracks in the corridor, for example) ... I've seen a lot of things like that happen; most people don't have skin of steel and Teflon.

It was cool of him to do the Snoopy without complaint; that's the kind of burden a lot of actors have to bear (to this day, Mandy Patinkin is asked to do the "Hallo, my name is Inigo Montoya ..." line over and over again), and some bear it well and some don't bear it at all. So that alone speaks well of NB in general; probably just a bad morning.

I have a suspicion (without factual basis) that maybe Nathan launched into showman mode because he knew from pre-panel context that NB wasn't having a good day, and maybe wanted to establish an upbeat feel to the panel and cover for him.
You are kind, Ghalev. Unfortunately, now I just think the guy is a complete jerk. Maybe sometime in the future he will change my mind, but that will take a lot.
Thanks Ghalev, that makes sense. I'm not pointing fingers, just trying to get a sense of what may have happened because I am convention naive.
I say lets replace all actors with robots, they could always appear at conventions (sometimes multiple conventions the same weekend), they would never have an 'off' moment and always be cheery and grateful to the fans, smiling nicely to the cameras whenever a fan wants to take a picture.
They would never tire of performing the 'funny' dance whenever a fan asks and of course they would always have the time to make funny and insightful dvd commentaries, cause us fans really like that :)

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@jpr. I think the point is, if you're being paid for a job, then you need to deliver; Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Rohm demonstrated this with their performances, gamely covering NB's apparent unwillingness to do so. Let's not get so caught up in the 'shipping that we forget the fact that these are professional entertainers; Nathan Fillion was the consummate professional that day, NB really wasn't & I won't be spending money again on a panel with him on it.

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Well, I probably would have been a little irked at Nathan for taking up the mike so soon, but I think everyone's right in saying that Nick was being unprofessional. I gave him the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, but now I see your points'. I still hope however, that this will pass; since in other panels he's been on he seems to be really nice.
Huh. I watched the whole thing, didn't think much of NB's attitude... Sure, he was in a different gear than the others, but it didn't strike me as unprofessional or rude. I'd say he was making more of an effort than Elisabeth Rohm was, actually. And I thought all the back and forth between him and Nathan was good natured, tongue in cheek ("act better" certainly was no more than a joke). I dunno, I got no problem with NB after watching this.

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