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February 01 2008

Giles, Chakotay and the Borg Queen! Oh my. CollectorMania Manchester, Saturday & Sunday, March 8th & 9th, 2008.

Tony, Robert Beltran, Alice Krige, Sylvester McCoy, Brian Blessed, a few Heroes, and some other cool guests will be signing autographs and doing photo ops.

Lucky Englanders.

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Oh gosh, if anyone gets a chance to talk to Alice Krige, please share with us. What a wonderful actress! Would love to hear her tale.
Madhatter Have you seen her in Reign of Fire? Not that I'd recommend the movie, but...she's quite good in that.

Sad thing is, everytime I see her name in credits I say "Ooh! Borg Queen!" because that's the first thing I knew her as. Rather like our actors get pigeon-holed as "X on Buffy: the Vampire Slayer." At least they gave Tony "Manchild" & "Dr. Who" credit for this con.
Robert Beltran, even.
Hello, ShadowQuest. No, I haven't but I'll place it on my list. BTW, welcome to the room!
galactijoe Oops! Good catch! Sorry - fixed.

Madhatter It's not exactly a wonderful movie. It has its moments, but it's not something I'd say "Ya gotta see!" about.

And thanks for the welcome - things get so crazy around here sometimes I think we newbies get lost in the shuffle. Especially if we post in a thread His Royal Jossness is taking part in.
Emma Caulfield has also recently been added to the lineup for Collectormania Manchester.

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