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February 01 2008 says goodbye., the premier website for Sarah Michelle Gellar is closed?

Well, this is quite surprising.

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Typo in headline...
The timing is slightly surprising but they have acknowledged that they have been slow to update the news pages.
It does mean though that there will be nowhere to confirm or deny SMG news ( which has been needed in the past when news of projects came from unusual sources )
Sad... Even though the updates were slow, it was a decent site. Shame it's not here anymore!
Maybe they are coming back as
This is sad news. Besides all the accurrate information SMGfan always had to offer, fans have lost their online connection to Sarah. It didn't happen often but she would send messages to her fans via that website.
Very disappointing news., the fan message board is still up and running. It's one of my regular posting sites.

They do a very good job of keeing us updated.
It's quite strange , I don't recall many people who maintained their status as a SMG fan during Buffy's run, I shifted many a time in my allegiances, I think they went a little something like this...

Buffy -> Willow -> Jenny Calendar (damn you Joss) -> Willow -> Tara (damn you Joss) -> Amanda (damn.... oh nevermind, Joss is a virus, he will destroy everyone that you love)
It's a great shame. I only posted a handful of times there, but I did enjoy lurking to see what the latest noise on SMG was.
This is just sad news. :(
Ahh Sarah, say it isn't true. I'm going to miss that site.
SNT!! There you are! Gosh, we missed you in the room, so happy you're back!
I'm in the middle of moving but I'm not letting this one pass. It's a real shame to see one of the old guard going. was a really good site. And there's many fan sites out there that could only dream of being as good as SMGFan. I'm glad the forum is still going as I lurk there from time to time and it's nice to see some familiar faces there. But the main site will be sorely missed. A piece of our fandom has gone. And that's always a tragedy.
Where you running to Simon?
Now it belongs to the ages.

This is very sad.
Happy move, Simon!
Don't forget to label your boxes correctly Simon, last thing you want is glassware in the bathroom.
...Somehow, I think that regardless of labels, he would still manage to rectify that mistake upon opening the boxes (though you never know. Heh).
Does anyone know the resson(s)for it's closing? I wonder if SMG will ever have her own site? Very sad.
It's very doubtful that SMG will do her own site, she's not exactly renowned for fan interaction as you might notice by the startling lack of convention appearances or participation in DVD extras etc...

I dunno Shameless, I moved house once and due to a labelling error I ended up watching my auntie's colostomy bag rather than the television. I didn't realise until my brother walked in and said, "What're watching that for?, it's s........." and so forth.

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I am really sad that SMGfan has closed. It was one of the first sites I visited online and, over the last eight years, has been the site I trusted most for reliable Sarah information. The owners of the site have run it with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Hats off to Hostess and Host for a job well done.

I do take some solace in knowing that the community of will continue to exist.

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