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February 02 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch answers your Angel questions-Part 2. Brian answers more questions in a podcast available at his blog.

Due to the amount of questions that were asked Brian had to split the podcast into 2 parts. Here is the next segment.

THANKS Brian! You rock, I love these :)
Hopefully there will be more someday!
I just spent about an hour listening to the last two podcasts. Great to hear his perspective on things, and I hope that Loan Shark comic sees the light of day eventually. ;)
Love these podcasts. They're such a pleasure to listen to!
Brian, you're not the only one who thinks Xander could carry his own book. I'd be curious what your concept for a Xander title would be, though. Indulge us?

Here's a question I meant to ask for the podcast, but forgot, and it's similar to the Loan Shark question. At the meeting of the demon lords, the berobed and red-eyed lord of Century City looks *a lot* like the shaman from the 3rd season Buffy episode "Enemies" (the fella who pretends to remove Angel's soul). Is it supposed to be the same character? Because that would almost be cooler than the loan shark to me.
All of these wonderful characters could carry their own comic book series, but of course the fans all love the interactions between the characters. At least I love getting to see them all interact. I really love Brian's Q&A podcasts, he does a great job with these, even when he gives a boring answer (hey, HE said it...).
It is so nice of Brian to take the time to do these podcasts. I really enjoy listening.
It is great of Brian to be answering these questions, but does anyone know of a transcript to the podcasts or a recap of the questions and answers for hearing impaired fans and others who can't enjoy podcasts? Any help would be much appreciated!

ETA: You are a gem menomegirl! Thanks!

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thundercat-I'm not sure if there's an offical transcript of the podcasts but there are these at the livejournal community angel6_atf:

Transcript of the first podcast.

Notes on the second podcast.

As of now, no notes yet on this new one.

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Honestly, I don't want a new spin off. I want nothing but Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series with all the characters working together. Just my opinion.
Ya I really enjoy listening to these podcasts.Maybe IDW should put them up on their site? Make them part of a multimedia Angel comic experience:)
"Honestly, I don't want a new spin off. "

I know what you mean...but I think that it's possible for the two companies to fill in the gaps between stories (and even during stories) with other characters-whether it's in oneshots or minis

IDW is doing this to some extent with First Night,although that is when the main plot is taking a break.

But loads of people (inlcuding myself) would love to see something like a Faith mini (or even an ongoing) where the Faith/Giles partnership could be seen. It's been the most interesting thing so far in Season 8 IMHO.That way we could have two or more stories a month from the Buffy line for example.

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My thinking is this -- the Buffyverse can never be the Marvel Universe or the DC Universe, at least, not without abandoning its sense of cohesive canon, which they shouldn't ever do. But it can be, in limited form, it's own comic book universe of independent titles. That it's split between two publishers shouldn't matter.

There are four weeks in a month, and I think we as an audience will support four top 100 selling monthlies if they are offered to us. Buffy Season 8, Angel: After the Fall, a Faith title, and a fourth title, maybe a Slayer version of the teen titans or something (Runaways? Gen 13?), completely new and previously unestablished characters.
"I think we as an audience will support four top 100 selling monthlies if they are offered to us"

I agree totally. In fact I would love it. Maybe when both titles get a bit more established then things like that might happen.
Currently not enough juice in my connection right now, but looking forward to listening in when I do :) The transcripts at angel6_atf have been a gem though, so thankies all around there too :D

I'll agree that there's plenty of room for more stories. There's such a big world and so many characters, and the fans would be delighter, I'm sure. Just as long as everything is coordinated properly. I don't want 20 different versions of canon, thank you.
I want a spin-off more than anything at the moment.
Patxshand, I'm really curious, why? Is there a character, like Xander for instance, who you don't feel is getting enough ink? Or do you just want new comics coming out EVERY Wednesday instead of only two per month?
"Or do you just want new comics coming out EVERY Wednesday instead of only two per month? "

I'm guessing it's that:) I know it's that way with me ha ha
If anything, the comic development process will slow down I suspect. Whilst Joss obviously has had many things going on, it wasn't like he had TV shows and movies all over the place to juggle. Then the strike happened. The strike will hopefully be over in the next week, which will dive him back into the world of TV with Dollhouse - which I suspect is bone crushing work. So whilst there could well be spin offs a plenty - Brian is ideally placed for this due to the dynamic he's developed with Joss - I doubt there will be a boat load of new comic projects. 'cos they could well end up sucking if that happens. One of the many things I like about Joss is his not stamping his name on projects which might suck. (If he can help it). (I'm look at you, Alien Resurrection).
So, is that first dragon still flying around California somewhere or what? Maybe he could team up with Loan Shark for one of the 47 spinoffs.
thundercat, anyone else interested-Stormwreath made notes again and posted them at angel6_atf:

Notes on the third podcast. (The one that's linked on this thread).
Thanks SO much menomegirl and thundercat and indeed to those who have transcribed the podcasts.
Great to know that I don't have to miss out on a single bit of gossip and speculation!
Thanks, Brian - and thanks again, to Jordy. It was fun and informative, just like the last one.

I'd certainly be extremely interested in a story that threw some light on Spike's story, between NFA and AtF from Prisoner, to prisoner with benefits etc. Hearing more of Gunn's story in this time frame would also be potentially interesting. From first night, to first weeks, I suppose.
Another great podcast!

And as for spin-offs, well...right now, I'm good with the two titles we've got. Though I wouldn't say no to a Faith/Giles book.
If a story like "No Future For You" had taken place in, say, the DC or Marvel universe, it would be almost a given that to have the character in Faith's position start talking all "I have a mission"-y and a character like Giles talking all "I want to help"-ish would be an informal *announcement* of a spinoff.

I am just kind of hoping that Joss and Scott Allie are starting to look at the Buffyverse in comic form as an expandable universe in that way, and, as per the convention, give us the teased spinoff. Wasn't Faith on a motorcycle one of the TV spinoff pitches? That's not far from "Faith and Giles travel around fighting evil and working to help wayward Slayers." It's sort of combines Buffy Season 8 with Angel Season 1.

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