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February 03 2008

The Bluth Family May Pull a Serenity. The poor box-office performance of Serenity is brought up in regards to the announced Arrested Development movie plans.

And it looks like Universal is interested in bringing another canceled FOX show to the big screen.


Taste the Happy. (It tastes a lot like sad.)

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Which show got the higher ratings when they were on Fox. Firefly or Arrested Development?
Well Arrested Development lasted for three seasons so... Arrested Development had higher ratings... I think...
I'd imagine an Arrested Development movie would be a good deal cheaper than Serenity was.

I'd possibly go and see it 7 times like I did Serenity.
Well, if they make the movie I hope we can see some cameos like Bob Loblaw or Steve Holt!

This show was so awesome, I'd love a movie.
That would be SO AWESOME!!! Michael Cera is also a lot more famous now (Superbad), so that might bring more people.
Let's just hope it does really well in the box-office. Then it could come back as a series. Or inspire more studios to turn other canceled tv shows into movies, like maybe Wonderfalls or Veronica Mars.
I would see that movie multiple times.
Such a good show... The majority of people watching television are idiots, sadly, and fantastic shows like Firefly, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, and My So-Called Life get cancelled.
Valentyn, you just made the compelling argument on why this movie should never be made.
If it doesn't happen, they'll have made a huge mistake.
I dunno... you could argue that the cinema attracts a different class of people. People go to cinemas looking for something different, which is why movies such as 'Juno' do so well. It'll likely get a few people into the show, which I don't think is fair, cos then Fox make more money from the (TV show) DVD sales, and Fox suck.

down the street from eachother
I'm glad there are other people who love Arrested Development. I thought there were only DOZENS of us out there. DOZENS!!!
You'll probably find that it's the same people who watched Firefly that watch AD and VM, and I happen to know that there's at least 30 of us.
Oh, man, I'd love to see this happen. Just yesterday, I cited the Bob Loblaw Law Blog in a discussion.
"Can't stop the banana" would of been a far better headline!
TamaraC, I agree. As much as I would love to see this movie, I'd rather it not be made, so that it doesn't fail. I'd rather have it remain in awesome memory (and great DVDs :D)
creed is eating an apple, i found a potato, great reference!
awesome! imagine the fabulous "illusion" Gob could attempt on a feature film budget!
I guess I'm one of the 30 who watched AD, VM and Firefly. I need an Arrested Development movie. Jason Bateman and Michael Cera are doing so well right now that I think it could bring alot of new people in. Plus I think that its all in the marketing. I mean, the new X-Files movie is coming out this summer, it will be interesting to see how well it performs considering how long it has been off the air. If you market something properly you can get a decent number of people.
I'm glad there are other people who love Arrested Development. I thought there were only DOZENS of us out there. DOZENS!!!

I couldn't have said it better myself. That really made my day.
I read about this earlier. Seriously. This needs to happen. I don't care if it's a ginormous box office flop (okay, I probably would care), but if it gets made and it's as great as the TV series was, that's more than good enough.

Just like with Serenity.
*crosses everything*
Despite the fact that he appears to be in almost everything at the moment, Jason Bateman is made of several different kinds of awesome and needs to be in more ;) ... and so do the rest of the cast of AD, I'd love for this film to be made.
I can't even imagine what "Arrested Development" would be like as a movie, but I felt the same way about how "Firefly" would translate to the big screen, and it was awesome. I hope this happens.

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I know this is a whedon-based site of course... but I have to say im surprised this thread has garnered only 25 replys. Should be 250, or 2500 maybe. This is right up there with the best comedys ever on televsion, and as fans of GOOD tv here we should all be doing double somersaults I think. Also, as fans well schooled in the black history of FOX and great TV, I would think there would be no end to this thread. Just my opinion of course.

Or, are you all chicken?

Co-co-CAWWW! Co-co-CAWWW!!...... (Subways away in disgust...)
Which show got the higher ratings when they were on Fox. Firefly or Arrested Development?

According to this site 'Firefly' was averaging about 4-5 million viewers and 'Arrested Development' was around 4.2 million (according to here). So they were pretty comparable.

Which says to me that AD was either much, much cheaper than 'Firefly' (which seems likely - no effects to speak of and though it was a large cast, there weren't any huge names to command massive fees) and/or maybe had someone at Fox that was willing to champion it cos with those numbers it's a small miracle it lasted as long as it did and, as we're all too painfully aware, Fox aren't normally slow off the mark to kill a show that's not performing (as with 'Veronica Mars' we can lament the fact that more people didn't watch but I don't think it's fair - in this instance - to blame the network).
Another great show that Fox totally dropped the ball on. Its a wonder they ever got the Simpsons up and running. Alan Tudyk also had a great appearance as a minister on one episode.
Yep, they gave it 2 seasons to find an audience that never came - boy, they sure screwed that pooch ;).

Or, less sarcastically, did Fox actually drop the ball in this instance or is it just easier to tell ourselves that than to accept that, as Valentyn claims, "The majority of people watching television are idiots ..." ?

Not entirely convinced of that BTW not least because it effectively means that in Western society - because most people watch TV to a greater or lesser extent - the majority of people full stop are idiots and cynic that I am, i'm not quite willing to lay down and accept that. Yet ;).

(reckon it's more that most people watch TV differently to a lot of us on here i.e. not as "active viewers" - they just want something to veg out in front of after a hard day at work and there's precious little reward in shows like 'Arrested Development' for that kind of viewer)
I think both the networks did everything they could with Arrested Development and Veronica Mars. They let the creators do what they wanted and even gave them a shot in the first place.

With Firefly it was different because they didn't promote, they kept bumping it's timeslot, they even screwed up the running order of episodes and sent truckloads of 'notes' down for every episode.

It basically appeared like Fox went out of there way to kill it because they didn't like the show and wanted to blame poor viewership.
Yes, I think Arrested Development and Veronica Mars were very similar in that both got very low ratings but lots of critical acclaim through the end. The acclaim is what kept them afloat as long as they did. Much like 30 Rock now. I can't really blame the networks for those after three seasons. Firefly on the other hand...
I want to blame the viewers because I am like that, but what I think is more likely to be true is that the majority of viewers do not wish to unwind in the evening to TV that makes you use your brain. The majority of viewers use to TV to complete shut off their brain. Hence, American Idol.
I think one of the significant things about AD is that is won an Emmy, I do remember Fox being on the fence about going into the 3rd season and it was a direct result of the Emmy. Then when the ratings didn't get any better, thats when they dropped the show.
double post

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AD is one of my favorite shows ever, and I would see an AD movie like 10 times. :)

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