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"And working up a load of sexual tension and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough."
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February 04 2008

Camp Johnson Library Free Serenity Screening. Tue, 5 Feb 2008, 1800 hours. I'm sure Mal and Zoe know what time that is. Jayne might have to try to use math.

Information: 910-450-0844
Camp Lejeune, NC

Wow that is just up the highway from me but sadly I am not military and even if I was I would be unable to go. Would be nice to see who else shows. I know a gal whose hubby is stationed there, I should call tomorrow and give her the heads up. I know she likes Buffy and Angel but not sure if she has seen Firefly/Serenity. Thanks for the info.

Thank you! And that is why I post these things.

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