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February 04 2008

Those Buffy cast members that'll be appearing at Paley Fest 2008. "Creator Joss Whedon will be on hand; cast members who have said they will join him so far include Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg". And Seth Green as well.

Wow, that's a pretty good "cast". And would I be correct in saying that Michelle doesn't usually attend conventions etc?
My understanding is that this is not a convention, or like a convention in anyway other than that they will be on a stage discussing the show.

None of these surprise me. I am surprised that AH is not on the list yet, however. I wonder if any writers will be scheduled.
Yeah, I should have clarified that I know it's not a convention. I don't think the "post-convention 'etc'" cut it! I just mean that she hasn't really stayed involved in the buffy-world.
This is one of those once in a lifetime events (bit like that Whedon for Kerry party), hats off to anyone here who gets a chance to go to it.
If I could but only click my heels and be on the other side of a rather large body of water.

I truly hope that at least someone in our community has the opportunity to experience this. I will be forever envious, but one of ours must attend as we will need a full report.

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Didn't the cast of Buffy appear at the Paley Festival after season 6? There's video of a similar event on the season 6 DVDs. Or maybe that was the Museum of Television and Radio. I get those two confused.
No Sarah Michelle Gellar.... what a surprise.

Remember Aly will be contracted to "How I Met Your Mother" which may resume filming soon, so she might not be able to get time away.
Yeah, I think they did, esg.
No Sarah Michelle Gellar.... what a surprise.

It is, of course, not a surprise at all. Surely we all know by now that SMG rarely does things of this type. That is the way it is. We are presumably not all sitting around saying to ourselves, sarcastically, "No Marc Blucas... what a surprise"; "No Seth Green... what a surprise"; "No David Boreanaz... what a surprise"; and so on and so forth.

Quite apart from that, I think I am right in saying Gellar is spending two months in Africa in the early part of this year working for CARE. That being the case, she would not be available anyway.
I plan on being there if I can get my ticket today, I will post my report for Chuck and Buffy here. This is going to be one amazing night :)
Marc Blucas isn't going ??!!!???!!!??
electricspacegirl: First off, it's a bit confusing because the Museum of Television and Radio have changed their name to the Paley Center has of last year, but the Museum/Paley Center have been doing the "Paley Festival" for many, many years each spring.

There was a Buffy event at the Paley Festival in 1998, and it included the entire Season 2 cast, including Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz. I remember Seth Green (at the time a recurring guest still) was sitting in the audience.

The event you're thinking of, which occurred the summer between Season 6 and 7, was held by the Television Academy (same organization who give out Emmys). It included Alyson Hannigan, James Marsters, Michelle Trachtenberg, Nicholas Brendon and I think Emma Caulfield. It was very, very similar to how the Paley Fest works in terms of a moderated Q&A (with audience questions too), but not held by the same organization as the Paley Fest.
Marc Blucas isn't going ??!!!???!!!??

It's an almighty shock to the system, I know! What I want to know is... will Donald Sutherland be there?
wow...that is a great lineup. I can't wait till the coverage of the event happens. Elizaaaa...<3
Regarding the whole "surprise surprise X isn't going" comments, it would be greatly appreciated it it was taken elsewhere. Otherwise I'll do the Buffy equivalent of taking away people's buckets.
Sorry, Simon. I'll go and stand in the corner for a while.
I knew there was a reason I wanted to be rich and at leisure.
This looks to be awesome. I need more superlatives.
This looks amazing, but so is the $750. price tag.
I use newspaper
I wonder if all the people doing that "surprise surprise" thing somehow missed the bit where it says that this is the list of people "so far", or if they skipped that bit. Heh.
This looks amazing, but so is the $750. price tag.

I know 750... grr... I barely have twice that in my bank account. (poor college student T_T) I kept looking all over the website to see if maybe they have tickets for just that individual thing, but no. T_T

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Also, FWIW, the link for me gets interrupted by an LA Times login, but for whatever reason this version of the link does not.

(Also also, there's a broken strong tag in the comment above this one that's throwing things off for everything below it. It may or may not be fixed by the start of this comment.)

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There will be individual tickets available. They go on sale Feb 7 for members of the Paley Center and Feb 10 for non-members.
I wonder if all the people doing that "surprise surprise" thing somehow missed the bit where it says that this is the list of people "so far", or if they skipped that bit. Heh.

Or all the person at least ;).
Seth Green is listed too! OZ YAY
If I had $1,000,000....

I wish they would film stuff like this. I mean, you'd figure most cult audiences are going buy something like that (I know this, because I own both versions of Evening with Kevin Smith and am eagerly anticipating the third), and I always thought they'd do something like that for the tenth anniversary of the show starting/almost five years since it's ended.

I mean, I'm a broke university student from Canada, it isn't likely there's going to much convention action from the Whedonverse all the way up here, and I can't get to down there. So having stuff filmed and released it my only hope. I guess that makes me a king of wishful thinking.
Thank you for that information, Eric G, and I noticed that membership is only $70, which allows one to get the tickets before they go on sale for the general public:
I'm going to do my best to attend several of these events. Let's hope they don't start too early in the evening or that my boss lets me go early.
Seth Green is listed too! OZ YAY

Cheers for that. I've updated the info.
The Paley Center has "audiobooks" of some of their seminars available on itunes. Maybe they'll do that for these, too.
got my ticket will have a great report for you all, I will pass on to Paley how many people would like this avaliable as a DVD to purchase, with enough interest hopefully it will happen :)
It makes me smile that Buffy got the headline. Over Elvis!
From a long time ago, a write up of the Paley center Angel discussion from 2001.

Angel discussion from City of angels

Thanks for the link from a poster at TWOP.

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An audiobook of this big event is just as good as a DVD. Of course, to paraphrase an old Woody Allen joke, we could get a DVD done for this event, or other events, if we use the old Navajo trick of begging and pleading.
As for the lineup, it's what I expected, Joss and many of his minions. I still wish I could get away to come down, but I have other obligations...and it's not on a weekend.
"Pushing Daisies" still sounds good, though, and my chances of going would depend on a few things.
I have to wait until Thursday to get my tickets. I can not afford the packages...too pricey for my blood, plus there are show I do not want to go to in the packages.

If they let me pick other shows to go with Buffy I might have been able to come up with the money.
I am just hoping all the tickets do not sell out today in packages.

I hope us members can still get some on Thursday.

Congrats to all you who can afford to go - take oodles of pictures for those of us poor saps who can't - we need our vicarious oggling.

Audiobooks purchased online are fine for those who 1) can afford it, B) aren't on dial-up, III) have a media player that could handle it.

Shadow slinks away, still kicking herself for not being able to put together her affordable, fun-filled convention celebrating the first full season of the show.
Obviously Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn't have other commitments, like a job or you know, charity work to attend to, so she should totally be able to show as an additional panelist. ;)
While it sounds like it's unlikely there will still be tickets left for the general public, I'll certainly be watching and, if available, buying.
PaleyFest08 Update!

Just in – Sarah Michelle Gellar confirmed for PaleyFest08’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion on Thursday, March 20 at the Cinerama Dome at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood ! Other confirmed cast members include Amber Benson (“Tara Maclay”), Nicolas Brendan (“Xander Harris”), Emma Caulfield (“Anya”), Eliza Dushku (“Faith”), Seth Green (“Oz”), James Marsters (“Spike”), Michelle Trachtenberg (“Dawn Summers”) as well as creator Joss Whedon. Additional panelists to be announced at a later date.

For the PaleyFest08 schedule and ticket information, please visit For the press announcement, please go to
Wow...sounds like quite the party!
I'm really excited about the Buffy Reunion and Chuck panels! I really hope I can snag a ticket for myself and my friends for the BtVS event on Thursday.
>SOB!< Once again, here I am stuck 2,000 miles away. More or less. Like the variance really matters.
Not to be all fanbo... er, girl, but has there been any mention as to what time tickets go on sale to members on Thursday?
Whoa, it's a real reunion! *is still stunned at SMG* When is Tony coming in? *hopeful* I ain't going, notice the blue, but how can the gang be without their watcher holding their hand? ASH, come forth! We have one witch, I hope for the other, but she is busy... *crosses fingers for Joss meeting his puppets again* a pet name really ;)

I am preparing for one major vicarious-living. I might need to meditate.
Nothing up at the Paley website about Sarah attending but I'm eagerly refreshing.
Sarah Michelle Gellar confirmed for PaleyFest08’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion on Thursday, March 20 at the Cinerama Dome at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood !

What, she couldn't stay in Africa for one more month - what about the starving children ? I dunno, it's just self self self with some folk ([/irony] - just to be super explicit ;).

Guess that adds the cherry for those lucky enough to go. Hopeful that folk'll be as generous as usual with their accounts and photos for those of us that are geographically (and fiscally) challenged ;).
Terry sends it out to the press people first, hopefully it will be up on the site by tonight :)
Saje, how come your irony works and mine doesn't? All of my shirts are really badly creased.
I've found if you leave it set to high pretty much constantly you get good results alien lanes ;).
She's on there now.

I absolutely lovingly hate evreyone attending this that isn't me, cause I'm not. This is just so cool. I was browsing the site and noticed they have dvds for sale.... they have to release this.
Mirage So far the only thing Tony is doing in March is the CollectorMania in Manchester I linked elsewhere. (That's the 8th & 9th.) I'm not sure what he's got in the works acting-wise, but I do know it's hard for him to do several appearances within a couple weeks. (Yeah, I know their thing isn't until the 20th. But that's a Thursday.)

But yeah, it'd be awesome if he could swing it. For, you know, those lucky pups who get to go to this massive shindig.
Maybe he won't be announced, but he'll just show up out of nowhere, looking badass, saying "I'd like to test that theory." ;-)
jam2 giggle That would be ultimate sweet if he did. Hmmm...think he might draw a bit of attention if he made a literal entrance...with a chainsaw?

Ok, I admit it - I've got a wee bit of a crush on the man. But he earned it - he's incredibly sweet and really cares about his fans. In fact...he told us @MCB about a time he actually went to a convention even though he wasn't a guest, because the con-holders had announced him & then said "Oh, sorry - he won't be able to come" without even telling Tony they wanted him as a guest! Turns out a couple fans at a different con prior to that one brought it up to him, he said something along the lines of "I...what?" and went to that con any way. Free. And told the con-holders to "crawl back under their rocks" 'cause he was there for the fans, not them.
I think I have a tiny crush on him as well, ShadowQuest. I mean, I squealed and pointed at the screen when he appeared for three seconds on Sweeny Todd. I hate that they cut him out of the rest of the movie! He could've made it better *grumble* If they are smart people, they'd have his cut-scenes in the DVD. Same goes for James' in P.S.ILY. Do those people not know who these two amazing men are?
there is absolutely no way that they will not video tape this event with smg attending. someone will capitalize on this and make money. even if they do it for 'charity'

also - as to the comment about jobs, etc., I believe James is one of the busiest people on the panel and he is committed, so little miss special should be able to make it. She has worked steady scooby aside, but those outside the verse really don't even know she exists either (not that successful, just another working actress like the rest of the cast--She isn't Cameron D, Julia R, etc., or whoever the it girl is this year/decade) my 2 cents.

anywho -- thrilled to see the cast reunited. smart move. would love to see Tony be able to come too. Would love to have david join!
so little miss special should be able to make it
What a truly classless remark.
leximarsters - you are on time out and will not be able to post in the meantime. Anyone else who wishes to mouth off would be well advised not to bother. Please refrain from snide personal attacks on the actors and please use correct capitalization per site rules.

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