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August 08 2002

Listen to the Breeders' cover of the theme from Buffy. In Real Audio.

It's fairly close to the original.

So, will this be the new opening for season 7? God, I love those fierce licks---(potty minds, behave)
I love the Breeders. I'm so glad they're back together. I heard Joss was going to put them on the show, somehow.
Anyone have a link to a version of this song that doesn't require Real Audio? I deleted that program months ago after one too many annoying errors.

...Oh. I found this at NME which is basically a rehash of the above, but also mentions that The Breeders are spending August in Europe. It's a stretch, but possible that Kim & Kelley may have been written into the show playing opposite AH & ASH. They may have been in England the same time ME was shooting footage for S7 there.

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