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February 04 2008

Inara's Shuttle Ornament Available from Dark Horse Deluxe. Previews has the following listing for materials coming out Wednesday: "AUG070167 SERENITY ORNAMENT INARAS SHUTTLE $29.99".

I'm a pretty active reader here, and this is the first I've heard of it. Anyone know what's going on?

I switched bix's link in for the original - sorta rendering his post, and Blue Leopard's comment, irrelevant. Sorry 'bout that but it's better info.
The Blue Leopard,

Do you know about the Serenity Lunch Box! And how about Serenity: Better Days 3-issue comics March 2008!
Ha! I thought this was going to be the inside of her shuttle. I was like, "how do you make an ornament of that?" I guess you don't. Still shiny though.
Ohh... very shiny. And yes, I had heard about the lunch box and Better Days this shuttle must have just slipped by me. Still, pretty exciting all around.
It does look purdy alongside the Serenity ornament.

I don't believe folks let too much slip by. According to the TFAW site it was just released January 23, 2008.
That's beautiful, but why does it cost $10 more than the Serenity ornament?

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