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February 04 2008

(SPOILER) Buffy Speculation Corner in Lying in the Gutters. Once again, weekly columnist Rich Johnson fans the flame about why we might want to get some extra 12th issues to sell on eBay. Speculative spoilers only.

He's a little more specific on the spoiler.

I'm not reading this at all. But that might be because I still haven't even seen my copy of #10.
I saw people here speculating the same thing. I really hope this is the case, because right now I'm showing some friends Buffy, and they just got to the episode in which . And they were heartbroken, being big fans. So this would be nice.
Hm. Considering they included the very old rumor about Moffat taking over the helm of Doctor Who (I'd love it, but I'm not believing it 'til I see it on the official BBC site) I am very dubious about anything they claim.
Old rumors aren't necessarily wrong rumors :) Oh, who am I kidding? I just want to see Moffat helm Doctor Who when RTD rides off into the sunset.
This speculated plot is exactly what I've been thinking the issue would be about.
I assumed that "Wolves at the Gate" would include...or at the -very- least reference Oz. This little blurb further convinces me he'll be returning sooner than I thought he would!
I was sure he'd be back eventually, but I didn't know it would be so soon in the series! I always liked Oz, so this is happy speculation to me :)
I know a lot of 'Esquers would disagree, but I would approve of Dracula being replaced by the character in question on all the covers post issue 12.
That actually seems plausible to me. As a rule, Buffy episode titles have double and triple meanings. A title like "wolves at the gate" would have three natural readings, all of which could be included in one story --

-- the literal "wolves at the gate", this new type of Dracula-imitating vampire
-- the broader "wolves at the gate" that refers to the ever-closing threat posed by Twilight and the season-long arc
-- a very specific "wolf at the gate"... Oz knocking on the door

I could believe we might get all three.
There's enough room for the jokey horror references Dracula brings to the mix and Oz's authentic cool.

Without reading the new article, I think the literal wolves from the preview are the new super-vamps, and they can shapeshift. I think the woman who sneaks up on Willow is one of them.
Wanna bet it's not Oz but Veruca? I know everyone thinks she's dead, but Oz doesn't have silver teeth, does he?

Dracula having "traditional" vampire powers was fun. As a one-shot. Fancy gypsy stuff for The Original Vampire. Not sure it would be a good idea to try and make it canon that there's hundreds of vampires who can do the same...

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Wanna bet it's not Oz but Veruca? I know everyone thinks she's dead, but Oz doesn't have silver teeth, does he?

No, but it wouldn't be the first fictional 'verse where a werewolf could be killed by another werewolf.
Wow interesting thought CaptainB. Has there ever been an occurence in comic history in which false covers were supplied for future issues in order to trick people into believing one thing and then changed after a certain issue reveals a big.... reveal?

i.e - i can easily see dracula being replaced by Oz in every image weve seen of him. (why would dracula ride in the sidecar of a motorcycle with Xander... and why would he work with the scoobies anyway)

I suppose I'm probably just idly dreaming...
it wouldn't be the first fictional 'verse where a werewolf could be killed by another werewolf

True, but it's never been stated in the Buffyverse so as far as we know, she had a much better chance at surviving than other returning villains I could mention. I'm not saying it would be a good idea, but...

Agree that Oz would make a lot more sense as an ally than Dracula. Though that returns us to the question of why Oz would use goth-y minions to kidnap Willow.
CaptainB - "I know a lot of 'Esquers would disagree, but I would approve of Dracula being replaced by the character in question on all the covers post issue 12."

Funny you should say that because on both Jeanty covers that I have seen featuring "Dracula", the first thing I noticed was that he seemed kinda small and almost younger in appearance. As if he had been shrunk or de-aged somehow, at least compared to how he appeared on the show. If we assume that you are correct and the covers we have seen are not the final versions, with Drac to be replaced by Oz later, then that would go a long way to explaining why this might be.
The idea being that Dracula himself is a complete misdirect and all the art featuring him has been bogus? That would only include the Jeanty covers for 8.13 and 8.15, which I think take less time than the Foster and Chen covers do...

It's possible. It would be really quite clever. And as cool as I think Drac coming back *might* be, Oz being back be a guarantee of being cool.

My initial, Oz-based theory for the new vampires was that they were vamp-werewolf hybrids he had inadvertantly made while trying to do his own thing fighting them. But the more the Dracula idea appeared, and in the preview pages for 8.12, I became convinced that it was Dracula and that the new vamps were just doing what he did. I'm really not sure now. There's room for either or both.
Just been having a quick look at the cover of issue 15 over at SlayAlive and I'm more convinced than ever that CaptainB is correct.

Looking at Dracula, the body type, build, height, in fact everything except the head itself reminds me of Oz. Drac was considerably taller than Xander for a start and in the picture he is closer to us than Xander is, yet still appears to be the same height. Jeanty is way too good at what he does to make that mistake.

Nope, I'm definitely thinking we haven't seen the final covers yet. Dracula shmacula! ;)
I love Oz as much (or more) as anyone but I really don't see his return being a reason to up orders.

Now, I suppose if the covers seen so far were fake and the actual issue shipped with different ones, that might cause more people to buy it. But again... don't really see the point. Why surprise us? If it was Spike or Angel, sure. But Oz?

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That would be assuming that the fact that Oz might be returning actually is the reason that Rich is suggesting an increase in orders for the issue. It may be that Oz's return (should that happen) is only part of the reason.

Speculation of speculation. Always a bad idea.
Didn't Moffat create the BBC's "Coupling"? Is that who everyone is referring to?
Moffat did, in fact create Coupling, as well as the very creepy and fun Jekyll. He also wrote several of the most highly regarded (and award winning) Doctor Who eps of the recent series, including: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace, and Blink.
Given Oz' reservedness during his short return at the end of season 4 I don't see what could lead him to the scoobies if not some major external force.

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