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February 04 2008

Serenity Ultimate Edition - 2 Disc Region 4 Aussieland. I don't see any mention of the cast how can it be an Ultimate Edition?

Available on Wednesday 05 March, 2008.

Is it not just the original 2 disc release that we had here... with a different cover? That's what the special features list looks like to me...
I just bought the collectors edition from the US. Simple enough. The packaging is so SHINY I wouldnt want anything else.
While trying to Google for info on this release, I noticed that WHEDONesque is one of the sources on MySpace News' Entertainment section, in the Pop Culture category. It's very weird; you click the headline and you get WHEDONesque on the right and a MySpace sidebar on the left.
So it's the same edition as before?
So it's the same edition as before?

I'm looking at the original 2 disc Aussie edition right now and as far as I can make out, the only new thing on the ultimate edition is the "Joss Whedon Q & A Session". Also on the back cover of the original edition, they spell Whedon wrong. Never noticed that there's a "Joss Wheden introduction".
My original Aussie edition has the Joss Q&A.
Yeah, the Q&A has always been there.
Yes but the Ultimate DVD lists two Q&A sessions whereas the original Aussie edition only had the one.
I get the feeling the two Q & A sessions is just a typo. Be nice if it wasn't.

Someone feel free to correct me on this, but I don't think the original 2-disc edition of Serenity has been available for a while. Seen a lot of the single disc, but I can't remember when last I saw the 2-disc. Could end up being like Fox and their "Definitive Edition"s. Don't manufacture the 2-disc sets for a couple years, then bring them back and say, "Look, kids! New cover! Aren't they preeeetty? They're DEFINITIVE."
This one has a different, longer set of extras listed. Odd.
I think that's more evidence of a simple typo Mort, the link you supplied has several of the extras listed twice but titled slightly differently (e.g. "Featurette: The Green Clan" and "The Green Clan: Expose On Cinematographer Jack Green And His Team") so I suspect the same is true of the two Q&A's.

It basically just sounds like the Collector's Edition (possibly) repackaged.

ETA: And without the cast commentary or session 416 segments. So, y'know, not the CE in that case. D'oh ;).

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If Serenity's hope of a sequel lies with DVD sales, it would really help if the home entertainment divisions had a clue what they were doing.
So, does anyone know if we'll ever be getting the (proper) Collector's Edition over here in the UK?

No body knows. I was hoping the New?? Aussie release had the cast commentary. But unless there is a typo it doesn't. If the Aussie get a DVD with the Cast commentary...the UK should get one too. There is money to be made...
I bought the US version because the cover was so pretty, and t that point no one knew if an aussie one was forthcoming at all. and i'm sure i've seen the 2 disc edition around a fair bit.. mostly in the tins at ezy dvd, but myeah. they did sell off a vast number of empty tins last year, so who knows.
I just spoke to EzyDVD one of the main suppliers in Aust and they said they couldn't tell me whether or not this new edition has the cast commentary - she said that that information probably won't be available until they actually get the product from their supplier.
The information at Ezydvd seems to acknowledge that they don't really know - or don't want to tell us - as they just describe the new offering as '170 minutes of bonus content'. Since the old,out of stock, double disc set's blurb doesn't say how long the extras on that last it's hard to compare (and my set is at home).
Beth'll beat me to it - and with better researched information!

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