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February 05 2008

Buffy Season 8 #11 "A Beautiful Sunset" ships this week. Joss-penned 1-shot shipping tomorrow according to Diamond's shipping list.

Here's a 3-page preview of "A Beautiful Sunset" at the Dark Horse website to whet your appetite.

A beautiful sunset in a really subpar week in comics.
Is it out yet? I can't wait.
The Faith arc by Brian K. Vaughan I found very good. Faith's development as a person felt very convincing to me and I very much liked how that was interwoven plotwise.

Can't wait for #11. Will it be the issue what will bring bit alterations to shake the Buffyverse as Georges Jeanty pointed out in an interview last summer?

I so hope that Joss won't inflict any more unbearable harm to the scoobies. My feeling heart just couldn't bear it. My best guess is though, that there might happen a lasting split in the group.

Renée and Xander: I'm hoping for the best. Somehow she looks similar to him, by the way.
I will at this time weigh in on Xander and Renee; good for him. For all w e know, he's done plenty of mourning off-screen. besides, this is a full year and some odd weeks after "Chosen," and, to quote Xander in one of my own fics "We weren't really even in a relationship when - when it happened," which pretty much covers it. No reason for him not to go on.

(Of course, that fic is entitled "Never Bet the Devil Somebody Else's Head," it's set in August of '05, Xander is explaining why he's still upset about it, and the point of the story is he gets her back by the end- well, before the end but then Angel Investigations has to rescue him-, but that's just moi.)

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I just got and read "A Beautiful Sunset." No spoilers here, of course, but I thought it was a great issue. Then again, I've loved them all, some slightly less, some more. This was an important issue, I believe. I can't wait to discuss it.
Never mind. No longer relevant.

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. I can't wait to discuss it.

Give us a second.

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