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February 06 2008

Scott Williams (writer/producer of Bones) talks Writers' Strike and maintaining focus on DB. The WGA strike, David in Bones, the "Moonlighting curse," and more!

resa - I jazzed up the link title a smidge but, yes, it's relevant. :-)
Thanks SNT ... appreciate it :)
I'd love to see Bones and Seely get together! It doesn't always mean doom for a show - look at John and Aeryn on Farscape!
I don't know, I kinda think it would be more interesting (and more realistic) to keep them as friends. TV series have a tendency to never explore the interesting dynamic that exists when a man and a woman are friends, and nothing more. It's too easy for them to pair characters together as a couple. I can see a romantic relationship between Booth and Bones getting real old, real fast.
I agree with deepgirl187 100%. Booth and Bones have a great platonic relationship that I think would be completely trashed by a romantic relationship. Booth and Bones are fine as they are! If it ain't broke etc...
I think the relationship has to keep growing to keep the interest of the viewers. Friends forever - I don't think so with 2 gorgeous single heterosexuals (in this case). But they can draw out the development for a long time, even with some sexual interaction. Rocky road - always an interesting flavor.

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