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February 07 2008

Mal as great captain. Captain Mal gets to be one of the best captains to get your advice from.

Ya know, it might be time to call a halt to the feeding of io9 polls. Anyone keeping score on how many this is now? (To answer my own question: one a day for the past five days, it looks like). Let's focus on quality rather than the other thing.
Three cheers for that.
Yes, io9 knows how to attract page clicks - mention Firefly a lot!
I feel like a whore.
And yet...
This was an entertaining Article this time, with not a Poll in sight.
Yeah not bad and nary a check button in sight.

Not sure that Picard teaches us that rules are made to be broken though, he adhered to the Prime Directive a lot more often than he ever broke it, even if it meant the death of innocents (those under his command - and their brothers/old captains/ex-crewmates - on the other hand, broke it most weeks ;).

And a more cynical view of Janeway's decision was that she assimilated the Maquis, forced them to become that which they despised. I did like the way Janeway wasn't particularly likeable or sympathetic, even if I think they squandered that by also not making her decisions defensible a lot of the time. Rather than being an ambiguously necessary disciplinarian she often just came across as a martinet IMO.
Janeway is a borg queen! Interesting.
Ah. My bad. I would've known it wasn't a poll if I had looked at the site, which I was declining to do. Bothers me to have the Firefly/Serenity fresh meat dangled our way a little too readily.
The article was...mildly humorous. The comments, though...

Especially this one, re: dissing the Millenium Falcon by calling it "a souped-up bucket":

"Solo has a lot on his plate, what with avoiding imperial entaglements, Jabba, the bounty on his head, romancing princesses, shooting Greedo first... sorry if the guy can't run by Watto's for a tune up. And really don't apologize to me... Chewey [sic] is the one who'll rip your arms off if you offend him. "

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