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February 07 2008

Christian Kane Nominated for the 2008 CMT Music Awards. In the category for "CMT Music Awards Supporting Character of the Year" for his appearance in Carrie Underwood's video "So Small".

The CMT music awards is a fan-voted awards show. You must be a member and logged on to vote.

DIRECT LINK to video.

Um... no comment on the song.
I second the "no comment on the song". But Christian? All he did was look pretty. But definitely, pretty enough for an award ;-)

Now if the right people would just recognize his tremendous talent as an actor and offer him a decent part. It's been a while since (can't remember the name of) the multiple Emmy nominated western mini-series.
...Now if they would only recognize the guy for his music, we'd be in definite business.

Acting would be great too, but since it is the CMT awards and all...
I second that, deepgirl. I love Kane's music. Wish they would release the new cd already.

What's wrong with carrie's song? I really like that song. Peoples tastes are different, I guess.

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