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June 03 2003

Another "chosen" episode review - by Sanguine. a really wize and inteligent episode review! and you should really read all of her other 7th season episode reviews, they are all very intresting and of course spike-centric since this site is all about spike's redemption.

I really have to give this site a rest...just when I'm getting able to concentrate on work and wife and life in general, something as good as this essay comes along and wallops me...Spike is indeed one of the finest characters in TV history...we watch reruns (or the DVDs of the first 3 seasons) and are sometimes stunned at how evil he incredibly funny he courtly and loving (for Dru at first, and later, of course, Buffy, in very different fashion) he astonishingly courageous he was...and, as the author so elegantly depicts, how utterly transformed at the end he can TV do this? I am completely, totally dumbfounded...
It was a good review, definitely Spike-centric.
Spike's redemption seems complete and how Joss chooses to bring him on to Angel and make use his wide range of talent (comic, straight man,romantic lead, villan} only make the wait for Season 5 that much the harder.
Thanks for posting, spike26. As stated on our 'about' page, we'd appreciate it if you used proper grammar, capitalisation and spelling. This will help keep the discussion on topic and it makes your posts easier to read.
Prolific...come on, not really called for. Two typos from spike26 and one from's not as if spike26 was doing the all caps thing with mega exclamation marks or anything, nothing that got anybody "off topic", I, okay? I'm glad to have been linked to the essay, which was quite interesting.

Chris, we don't discuss this site on the site. If you have problems, take it to e-mail, please.
sorry :), since I'm from israel, english grammer - not so much my strong side, on the other hand buffy is :) so in future incidents when I have some unintended grammer mistakes you are more then welcome to correct them or rewrite my post :)

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