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February 07 2008

Special guest announced for Dallas 'Can't Stop The Serenity' event. It's Tim Minear! How cool is that?

The dirty Dallas bastidges! ;)
That's a great score. Tim's a lot of fun.
Awesomeness. And they're having it in the afternoon this time, not at midnight. That should make it a little easier to bring some friends (though I discovered last year you can easily go to a Browncoat event alone and find yourself surrounded by friends :)).
Awesome, yes midnight is a little late. I loved seeing Tim at B3
Awesome!!! My first ever fan event was the Can't Stop the Serenity event from last year and I had such a great time. Already marking my calendar...
This is so great! Go Dallas!
Congratulations, Dallas! What a coup!
This is so great. Jane Espenson last year and Tim Minear this year.

Tim's the greatest- and I'll never forget how he blew off his writing deadline in order to attend B3 and bring us live commentary and his bootleg film of "Stuff".

My only thought is that by the time CSTS rolls around this year, all of our favorite writers could be back on the job and knee-deep in work.

Would love to see him both back to work *AND* able to attend, though!

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