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February 07 2008

McKellen, Stewart ... and Ejiofor. The Operative/Othello will battle with Magneto/Gandalf/Lear and Xavier/Picard/Macbeth for the Laurence Olivier Best Actor Award.

The Laurence Olivier Awards honor the best in London theatre. Ejiofor's costar, Kelly Reilly (Desdemona), is in the running for Best Actress. And all right, two other actors have been nominated too.

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Is anyone else's mind suddenly blown by the idea of getting to see three such shows in the same year in the same town? It's a positive embarrassment of riches. London... so... very far...
Last September, I was in London from Tuesday to Thursday, and on Friday Macbeth had its premiere. I was really kicking myself for not having come to London a week later ...

It will certainly be a very tough choice for the jury (or whoever picks the winners).

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I'm thankful I got to see McKellen as Lear on the play's world tour! It's incredible how 400-year-old plays can continue to blow people minds thanks to, um, mind-blowing performances. Really hope Ejiofor will be able to reprise his role for audiences in other countries too.
You forgot Gandalf!
Is it bad that I'm not sure who I want to actually win? I mean, considering that I've had a crush on Patrick Stewart since I was, like, 12. :D

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