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February 07 2008

Buffy Season 8 Vol One nominated for Kids' Choice Award. It faces some strong competition from the Harry Potter series, How to Eat Fried Worms and The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The award ceremony will be shown on Nickelodeon on March 29th.

How cool would be to see Joss and Jack Black on the stage together?

Urm is Buffy season 8 vol 1 something for the kids, or is this the usual oh it's a comic therefore it must be for kids thing.
I wonder what their defintition of "kid" is? The Buffy comics are for much older readers than, say How to Eat Fried Worms.
It will be interesting to see who wins.
Urm is Buffy season 8 vol 1 something for the kids, or is this the usual oh it's a comic therefore it must be for kids thing.

It follows in the proud footsteps of the tv show, Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz. They were all Kids' Choice Awards nominees and winners.

Not to poo-poo any award garnered on something so talentedly written as Buffy Season 8, considering that any nomination brings attention to the work, but I wouldn't have ever thought that Buffy was a format suitable for children. How old are these "kids" that the Kids' Choice Awards are focused on? Do they mean big kids, like us? I could potentially see my 12 year old niece watching the show and reading the comic books, but not someone's kid that might be less mature.
Now that I think about this, perhaps this is part of why the Buffy Animated Series was such a hard sell to the networks - they probably couldn't pidgeonhole an audience demographic that perfectly matched the pilot. In this day and age of shows like Family Guy and Venture Bros., I would think Adult Swim would have picked up the show (if it had been offered to them.) Maybe now that the Comic Books are doing so well - both Buffy Season 8 and Angel Season 6 - perhaps there is potential for the networks to reconsider the Buffy Animated Series? (This would have to be post-WGA strike, of course.)
How To Eat Fried Worms? That's an old book -- I must have read it twenty years ago. What's it doing up for an award now?

Besides, in the Books-with-Cooked-Creepy-Crawlies-in-the-Title category, Beetles Lightly Toasted gets my vote.
They made a How to Eat Fried Worms movie.
Yeah but it's nominated in the book category, not movie. Seems odd. Also seems odd that Twilight didn't get a mention here for books, it's not even as dark as Buffy really, and wildly popular with young adults.
In terms of maturity I think it proudly stands equal to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'd say the same about its accessibility as well ;)
Lady Brick, I love Beetles Lightly Toasted. A very funny book. But it too is old.
Simon I love it. SMG was nominated for the Favorite Female Butt Kicker? But you have to wonder if she was upset that she lost the "blimp" award.
Thats a funny nomination, because I don't actually LET any children get their dirty paws all over my Buffy comics.
And I'm sure I'm not alone.

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