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February 07 2008

Jewel Staite to be an Atlantis regular from next season. Dr. Keller gets a promotion (sort of). Minor spoilers for other casting news.

Love Jewel, but not a fan of Atlantis. I wish her the best though. That's a steady gig that she seems to enjoy - I raise my wine glass to ya, girl!
Thanks for the spoiler warning -- and thank you for linking to the less spoilery of the two main casting spoiler posts on Gateworld. The other one is WAY more spoilery. I've already been horribly spoiled and have been trying to protect my friends from the same fate.

I actually think they haven't written Jewel's character very well on this show at all. Her character is way less interesting than either Dr. Beckett or Dr. Fraiser on SG-1. However, she's done well with what she's been given, and perhaps they will give her more interesting material next season.
Atlantis is a fun show. Kudos to Jewel for finding a regular gig in her hometown.
I'll cheer for Jewel anywhere she goes, what a wonderful girl! Wishing her the best!
Yay Jewel, i've liked seeing her on Atlantis. Keller hasn't had too much to do but I think there're clearly sparks between her and Ronon and that might bring her out of her shell a little bit. Her slight timidity and his balls to the wall, devil may care approach actually complement each other pretty well I think.

And I love the way Jewel talks about her, it's as if she's a friend that has self-esteem issues and just needs a wee nudge in the right direction ;).
Very happy to hear this! I agree they haven't done much with her character so far but the last couple of episodes she's been featured in (including tonight's) we've gotten to see more of her character's personality. And so far, I've liked what I've seen. I'm also happy about the other casting tidbit they mentioned! I loved that actor on the other show he was on. Being cryptic so as not to spoil for those who don't want to know!

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