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February 07 2008

Angel features on EW's 'shows to resurrect' list. Other Whedonesque favorites like Drive and Wonderfalls end up on Entertainment Weekly's list of '30 Shows You'd Bring Back from the Grave.'

Someone mentioned Brimstone! *does happy little fan-girl squee* There were days when I wondered if I was the only one who remembered that show.

Glad to see Carnivale props too. Stupid HBO.
Kindred: The Embraced? A vampire show I've never heard of, interesting. Yay for Angel and Drive!!!

No Firefly? No Deadwood either. huh.
While the lack of Firefly was unfortunate, any list which gives props to My So-Called Life and Arrested Development is OK by me.
I hate sites that make you click thirty separate pages to view one article, so I gave up. Just call me Mr Grumpy.
I've always wondered whatever happened to the exec. at the WB responsible for canceling Angel. Is he/she still around - working at Fox maybe?
No "The Torkelsons"?!?! Outrage.
I've always wondered whatever happened to the exec. at the WB responsible for canceling Angel. Is he/she still around - working at Fox maybe?

I think it was Garth Ancier, and he now runs BBC America.
I miss Sports Night...
Jordan Levin was responsible for canning Angel. I believed he was canned the following season for making such an inane decision. The replacement show he put in Angel's stead was pathetic. Anybody remember what it was? No? Point made.
Other Whedon-related shows on the list include Veronica Mars and Joan of Arcadia.

Yeah, zz9, I also hate how EW always makes you click through a million different pages to see their whole lists.
Freaks and Geeks: I usually dislike the idea of reunion shows and movies, but I think it'd be rad to see that with this show, especially since so much of the cast is still working together anyway.

Angel: I never knew why the cancelled the show while I was watching it on DVD, and when season five ended my mind boggled. How they could can a show during its best season is beyond me.

Rome: Is way too high-budget to have lasted. It's good, but it didn't really need any more than the first season in my opinion (though I haven't even seen the second yet).

Veronica Mars: I'm still upset that it got cancelled. I probably always will be. I would fight a bear to get it back.

Arrested Development: I'm over it. I have three brilliant seasons on DVD and I'm content with just watching them over and over again. Plus, movie.
I would put Angel on top, but Firefly would have to occupy that spot, also, as well as Dresden Files. Oh, conundrums! I miss Brimstone, also. Wonder whatever happened to that guy who starred in it? Lots of those shows, I've never even heard of.
Five seasons of Angel vs. 13 eps of Firefly.... the EW people are high.
Peter Horton (lead actor on Brimstone) is still around. I think he spends most of his time directing now, though.

Browncoat that I am, I'm actually sort of glad that Angel got the mention instead of Firefly. Angel is often the series that gets overlooked, so it's nice to see that it's getting some attention.

And definitely agree about Dresden Files. That's one of my primary addictions aside from Joss, so I was good and pissed when they axed the series.
Early Edition! So glad someone else misses it as much as I do!

Also, violence time! Whoever said Jake 2.0 was "like Chuck, but good" deserves a severe beating. Jake 2.0 was amazing, and so is Chuck, and when I think of the two together, I only think of Jake 2.0 as sort of a predecessor. Both were amazing.

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The replacement show he put in Angel's stead was pathetic. Anybody remember what it was? No? Point made. This. I would almost say Angel would have been superior to BtVS had it been given more time. That said, these lists are growing more than a bit tiresome and circular. How many times can you say I love a), b), c) and want it to come back? Angel and Buffy are back, in comic form. I don't think David Boreanaz is signed up for the Paley event, unless he's a recent addition. Obviously, he's moved on and no matter how we love these shows (and I do, with the expanse of the Rocky Mountains) they aren't coming back.
Now and Again? Someone really thinks that there should have been more of those? Huh. Definitely feel like that list isn't complete without Firefly...
quantumac, I stand corrected. And apologies to Mr Ancier.
Well, that's easy:

Dead Like Me

There's my three wishes.
Firefly wasn't included, I think, because Serenity ended up getting made. So that sort of counts as a resurrection.

I'd love to see a tv movie on the CW for Popular, wrapping things up and such. I was really depressed after watching the last episode. With Firefly and Wonderfalls, and even to some extent Veronica Mars there was closure. But Popular just ended with all the characters in bad spots. Apparently half way through the third season it was going to jump 5 years into the future. I'd like to see that in a tv movie.

I think they really should have included Surface, Millennium, and Police Squad! But Police Squad! did bring about The Naked Gun movies. Hey, I just realized that Firefly wasn't the first tv show canceled in its first year that got a movie follow up. Police Squad! was... hmmmm...

Madhatter, Dead Like Me is getting a dvd movie that comes out this summer. If sales are good it will probably get another season. The trailer is up on youtube. Daisy had to be recast though. The original actress is working on Women's Murder Club. :(

I'm really upset that Rob Thomas hasn't said anything else about making a Veronica Mars movie or comic book (a la Buffy Season Eight). He said something about it a while ago then when silent ever since. :(
It hurt a bit to see Covington Cross on the list, as Glenn Quinn was one of the leads. I remember being pretty upset when it got the ax.

I did enjoy Kindred: The Embrace when it was on, as something of a guilty pleasure at least. Brian Thompson was pretty cool as a major bad guy.
Anyone remember a show called 'Bakersfield PD' from the early 90s ? I'd love to have seen more of that, really funny fish-out-of-water comedy set (shock ;) in a police department.

Looking forward to the 'Dead Like Me' film but I hadn't heard Daisy had been recast, not keen on that idea.

Of that list maybe 'Carnivale' the most. 'Farscape' got its ending (eventually) and 'Angel' not only went out on an amazing high, it's also been resurrected (in the comics) but 'Carnivale' was really starting to roll and ended on a cliff-hanger (of sorts). It seemed like Trinity was going to either coincide with or cause a Fray-esque end of magic in the world but i'dve loved to see how they got there.

'Wonderfalls' next probably.

(never heard of 'Once and Again' but I'd always wondered what happened to The Rocketeer. Now I know ;)
American Gothic
Dead Like Me
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr
Eerie Indiana

The list goes on, and it makes me sad.

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Would you have rather had no Daisy at all then, Saje? That's like Buffy without Xander!
Oh, yeah, need to add the Dresden Files. I was not a happy camper with that cancellation. Not in the least.

I didn't know they were making a Dead Like Me movie. Cool.
I'm pretty certain this is their follow up "Write in with what you want revived" list after running a real one (including Firefly) some time back. usually they run a list of their picks and then have people write in with what they may have left out, and this ended up being that second list.

Maybe I'm wrong but I recall seeing the "real" list some time back.
I love Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion but Drive was just meh.
Arli$$ plain and simple. Possibly my second favorite series of all time behind Firefly. And the worst thing, no plans to put it on DVD except for a two disc best of released a couple of years ago.
Angel and Firefly are mandatory, and the Dresden Files and Brisco County would be great... but I crave more Lone Gunmen. I miss my guys!
I love Sports Night and rewatch my DVDs about once a year. I think I still have some episodes of Early Edition on tape, as I do of Strange Luck, a similar series that lasted about two seasons I think. Wonderfalls I only discovered on DVD, but I would love to see more of Veronica Mars, Eyes, Joan of Arcadia and Dresden Files. Once and Again was "must-see" TV for me when it was on and I would have liked to have seen it continue.

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