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February 07 2008

(SPOILER) Ask Dark Horse about Joss' comics. Fans over at put together a list of questions about Season 8, Serenity and more which editor Scott Allie answered. Mild spoilers.

I really don't think, at this time, that I'll be finishing the run. I won't be stoppign right now but, I really can't see msyelf sticking with this all the way. Too much has changed.
A Buffy Wii game would be tons of fun.
I agree - Buffy Wii would be the kick. I can definitely see some fun accessories - Wiimote stakes, scythes...
40 issues. Mint.

Were the other Buffy games any good? i would only really bother playing them if they were canon...
Scott again blows down hope of any major "Tara-age." Seems Joss is firmly against it, preferring to shuffle in Oz instead. Bummers.

I only wish Jett Wolf would continue her most excellent "Chosen" fanfic series, where Tara did come back. Guess this means I'll have to finish that fanfic novel after all… :)
I got two things out of that interview. One, Oz is coming back, and soon. Two, I want to stake vampires with my wii remote.
I'm with DCA. While the question was very specific about Tara- the writer asked about whether or not they would use "the wish" approach to bringing her back, to which the answer was no- it sure seems as though she will not play a role. Well, this is thoroughly depressing to me.

This was how it was worded: "19) Will Willow/Tara fans ever get to SEE Joss' vision of Tara coming back through a wish by Buffy? If even in an alternate timeline, it's just a scene a lot of us wanted to see go down because it just sounded like perfection."
"I do not think you'll see anything like it in Season Eight, sorry."

Parsing this, it does not rule out Tara returning, just not in the way the question asks. But what I find interesting as well is that much of the season is not written, so how would he know? Unless he has been given information?

I also wrote to Scott Allie but never got a response back.

And I do agree; I miss jet's writing a whole lot. It's been nearly 18 months since her last chapter, and while she is promising a new one, it has been a long time, and she is spending a lot of her free time playing that Rockstar game or whatever the one with the guitar is called. C'mon, jet!

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Were the other Buffy games any good?

Avoid the GBA one. By all accounts it's pretty bad. The other two I really liked.
Nice to finally have timeline clarity. Between Scott Allie saying "only about a year", Joss saying "at least a year and half", and Xander date-checking Buffy's birthday coming up, we can now lock in Season 8 as being currently, through 8.11, in late December 2004 through mid-January of 2005. I also like that Allie was willing to admit that the pop culture references are out of place, just fun. It happens on "Lost", I'm told -- people in 2004 have 2006 and 2007 clothing.
Buffy Wii game? Yes, please!

Is Fray going to be rereleased? I waited too long and now it's not at amazon or my local store anymore.
I wish there had been a "Serenity" question re: Mr. Universe. I'm hoping he'll be "introduced" in Better Days, so his presence in the BDM will make a little more sense. If I had known about this Q&A sooner I'd have asked...
What the heck, since when is Dawn a child prodigy. I know it's nit picky, but bloody hell. She just finished Year 10 in season 7, and 'oh it's only been a year and yeah she's in College now'. Wtf :p Generally the time thing doesn't bother me, but those guys seriously need to hire me for continuity ;)
If I had known about this Q&A sooner I'd have asked...

We'll be doing another in a few months. Give some time for issues to come out, and let people come up with new questions :)
Alexa, was it ever specifically mentioned what year of high school Dawn was in, during season seven? She was around fourteen years old, in season five, I believe. So that would make her about sixteen, during season seven. I think she'd be in at least her second-to-last year, at that point.
Well, she was a freshman in "All The Way", so that pretty much nails it down.
In S-7 she'd have been third-to-last, a highs hcool sophomore, which emans by the time of the comics she'd only be a senior unless she graduated early with summer work, which I can't see.

Maybe Buffye nrolled her at a prep shcool in the Bay Area; it's shall we say not unknown for high school girls to show up at fraternity parties. (I wasn't in a frat myself but my alma mammy had a very strong fraternity system, main cneter of the campus social life even for non-members. University rule,a ll cmapus parties except pledge events were open affairs.)
Or maybe Buffy got some monks to cram grade 12 in her head and then sent her off to college.
Isn't this the first mention of Better Days taking place after Those Left Behind? For some reason, I had gotten the impression that it would take place before.
Isn't this the first mention of Better Days taking place after Those Left Behind? For some reason, I had gotten the impression that it would take place before.

I was just coming in here to get into that, heh. Mainly because the press release says:

This three-issue series, Serenity: Better Days, is a step back in time to the early years of the Firefly crew, and the fledgling gang's turbulent attempts to cope with success after they pull off their first successful heist.

So, not only have they been saying it happens before, they've been saying it happens WAY before.
Curiouser and curiouser...

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