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June 03 2003

(SPOILER) Casting news for ANGEL next season.

Another famous character might possibly make a return as well.

Harmony's back!!! Woohoo!!!
that's actually pretty brilliant.

1. another girl is needed in the cast
2. right now, the only comic relief is lorne, and he's not even that funny, IMHO, so this is perfect.
3. besides Angel, no one else has a perspective on Spike, so Harm will bring that.
4. now that Joss is more involved, i'm pretty sure this was his idea. the whole thing about Buffy was a spoiled girl becoming a hero. when season 4 came around and Buffy pretty much accepted her slayerness fully, they started the same storyline with Cordelia. Now that Cordelia's done, they're gonna do that with Harm. Now whether that means she'll become human, or get a soul or what, i don't know, but i think there will be a definite character arc involved.

or maybe that's all bull, and she's there for some weird ass reason that none of us will ever guess. whatever, harmony= good.
narky, you've just made an enemy for life, Lorne's not funny...oh yes, you will pay. :P
I just told my best friend, who watches Angel ONLY for Charisma, about her forced departure, and man, is he pissed!
I'm not 100% sure how accurate that info about Harmony is, the impression I got from early reports is that she would be guesting rather than being a regular.
I hope she's only a guest and not a regular - she's probably the one and only Buffyverse character that I absolutely despise. I loved Riley and Dawn and Wood and all the others that everyone else hated (oh, wait, except Kennedy, that's pretty much universal) - but man do I hate Harmony. And I especially hated Harmony and Spike.... women that act like she did with him make my skin crawl. I guess that's what everyone else found so funny about her.

Wait and see, wait and see...
Ok, I just have to point out that these are a lot of rumors patched together, and that I have my doubts about a lot of it. The bit about Harmony was first mentioned in a chat by E!'s Kristin, and although it's been repeated in several other places there's been no word from Mercedes or any ME writer/producer about Harmony returning.

In regards to Vincent and Charisma, that page takes a lot of license with the small amount of info available. Vincent's departure seems to have been planned for awhile, and the truth about Charisma leaving remains murky. Continuing the "Vincent and Charisma were forced out to make room for James" story isn't helping anyone.

In regards to Christian Kane, that's nothing but rumor. DB has said often he wishes Christian would return, but there's been no word he's actually in negotiations. On the other hand, Juliet Landau told the BBC that she has been approached by producers to possibly return for Season 5 - something not mentioned at all in this link.
Clearly Angel is going to need a replacement dose of estrogen from somewhere. I agree that Joss could do great things with Harmony. And I hope Lilah is back for good. But has anyone heard any rumors about a recurring role for ElectroGirl? She certainly fits Joss's M.O.: hot chick with superpowers.
Word on Gwen/Electrogirl is that they'd like to have her back, but she's scheduled to film the 'Pitch Black' sequel with Vin Diesel this year so there's concern about whether or not she'll be available. If they can work her in and Alexis is free, than she'll probably turn up a few more times. I wouldn't expect to see her often though, since that movie is probably gonna take months to film.

Edited to add: in terms of "estrogen replacement," David Greenwalt alluded to a possible female W&H "protagonist/antagonist" coming on board for Season 5. Sounds like a brand new character they'd throw into the mix to up the girly factor; hopefully more than just a Lilah-clone, but I have no idea what she might be like.

[ edited by wren on 2003-06-04 18:07 ]
Pitch Black sequel? Ick. That film was painful to watch in oh so many ways.

I could live without ElectroGirl. Where she and Gunn were going was kinda been-there-done-that blah. It's not that I'm some kind of Gunn/Fred shipper. I could care less where Gunn dips his wick. There's more interesting things the writers could explore than Gunn's sex life.

I agree that Angel needs more women. Whatever happened to that literally hot chick in season one's "She"? Is she still out there somewhere or did I miss an episode? If we want hot chicks with super powers, they should bring back the spine babes from another dimension. That'd rock.

In the finale, the character Lilah made it sound like she was only around for purposes of bringing Angel's gang into the fold, but would return to hell after introductions were made and Angel's gang got their sea legs. I agree it'd be cool to keep her around, and I think it'd be interesting if the writers dramatically conveyed over time that the real reason why she remains is because this IS her hell: to kiss Angel's ass for all eternity. *smirk* What could be a worse hell than that for Lilah? It'll depend on the actress though. If she doesn't wanna stay around wearing a scarf all next season, then they'll have to bring in a character that many of us will view as a Lilah clone.

Although I agree Angel needs another infusion of estrogen, I don't think the answer is more regulars on the cast. Five regulars are enough, even if only one of them is female. Instead of adding to the regular cast, just have a constant flow of guest stars and featured players from Buffy. Most of them are female anyway. They could bring back Willow, Dawn, Amy, Faith, Harm, Dru, Kennedy, other SITs since they're not just in training any longer -- the list is endless. They've established that they can bring back the dead through W&H. So even Kendra's a possibility now. Yes, so is Anyanka.

Besides, there's another way to infuse Angel with estrogen w/o adding to the names in the opening credits.

The Buffy series left a MAJOR plot complication for Angel to address: Every young woman on the planet who had the potential to be a slayer now IS a slayer! If the writers do not address this in Angel next season, then they'll be dismissing the blanket assumption that both of these shows coexist. It won't be the first time they did that of course (rain of fire and sun going black in Los Angeles but not just down the highway in Sunnydale?) but it will be disappointing if they don't at least deal with that peripherally.

If they hit the issue head on, believe me there'll be no end of estrogen on Angel next season. However, Angel may find himself on the opposing side of all those Slayers. I'm betting that Buffy's "solution" of giving slayer powers to a young women everywhere, will turn out to be like the old woman swallowing a spider to kill the fly. For Angel it will be no solution at all. Just a new problem.
I'm not 100% sure but I think there was mention of the sun going black in L.A. in one of the Buffy shooting scripts but it got cut from the final version.

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