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February 08 2008

A petition for a new Buffy video game. The fansite SlayAlive is campaigning for a new Buffy video game. So if you fancy seeing the Buffyverse on the Wii, DS, PSP, Xbox 360 or PS3 why not show your support?

We've all seen the "please sign this to bring back my favorite show" petitions and got heartedly sick of them. But the videogame petition is a cool fandom effort and hopefully someone somewhere will notice.

Also we may get cool extras like these that appeared on the PS2 version of 'Chaos Bleeds". Amber Benson's giggle = the good.

While a new Buffy game would be cool, I think I'd prefer a Fray video game. They could make it more action oriented and in a similar style to Ninja Gaiden except with Fray. Plus, wouldn't it be a lot of fun to jump from skyscraper to speeding aircar?
Thanks Simon, I believe that anything constructive is a plus! As long as the demand is put out there, we could just see something...supplied. Someday. I hope. :)
Love the idea of a Fray Game, some side story just like the book end tale from Tales of the Slayers, still I hope that Joss will get some time to work on a Volume 2, as there still some quite interesting thread left open from the first mini series.

But also, I'd love to see Buffy game for PSP, been really enjoying that hand-held device lately.
As I mentioned in another recent thread, I would love to see a Buffy Wii game - with potentially some Wiimote accessories, like a stake or scythe.

And imagine the fun that could be had, if there were a post-"Dirty Girls" Xander POV option!
Yeah, a Fray game would kick it, hard (it might even inspire me to upgrade my graphics card ;).

A cool idea might be to have a game with a story thread that starts in the past (a medieval Slayer ?), passes through Buffy's time and then ends up in Fray's. It'd probably have to be non-canon but it'd be a good mix of environments and gameplay I reckon (not played any of the Buffy games so if that actually describes one of them, sorry ;).

Maybe a 'Prince of Persia' style platformer ?
I'd prefer a nextgen console game for PS3 similar in concept to the first two games to a Wii game. For one thing, interactive game or not, there's something to be said for graphics. For another, it wouldn't mean buying a console just for one game.

Actually, what I'd really love more than any console game would be an MMORPG environment set in the Buffyverse.
A MMORPG would be so so nice and shiny, but that is quite an undertaking! I'm willing to take anything they throw at me hehe. I love the console games we have so far, despite the little faults they had. I think it should be on the Wii. But that's just my opinion.

The thought of using your own Mii to slay vampires intrigues me!!
MMOs are cool, but the hard part about doing one in the Buffyverse (similar to doing one in the Conan-verse) is that there's only one Chosen one. You could possibly do it during the season eight time frame, but that doesn't give you quite the same freedom as the rest of human history where there was only ever the one Slayer. You might be able to pull it off if you have different classes like vamp, Slayer, witch/warlock, demon/werewolf, human soldier, etc. If you're going to do it during Buffy's time, in my opinion you should also be able to explore Sunnydale even if it isn't their base in season eight. Maybe they could have a zone set in the sunken ruins of Sunnydale if it's set in season eight.
Gha! Inaugural first post- due to horrible timing of moving abroad for school right after getting a membership a short while back. I'm finally getting some free time, and I'm so glad to be here!

Anyway, I'm a huge video game fan so I couldn't pass up this thread. I think a Buffy turn-based RPG would be rock awesome. What it rock awesome exactly? It would be a Buffy turn-based RPG game.

Though any sort of game would be a delight in and of itself.
I dunno archon it doesn't seem all that different in principle to e.g. a Firefly MMORPG, where you only have one River, one Mal, one Zoe etc. You'd definitely need to have a vamp class, a witch class etc. I reckon (and it might be best not to have a Slayer at all or make the Slayer an NPC ?).

Or maybe there's a story idea you could use to allow multiple Slayers simultaneously ? Like a sort of "Five Doctors" concept but en masse (to the unfamiliar, FD was a 'Doctor Who' special from the 80s where all the past and current incarnations of The Doctor appeared together). Again, I like something like a rift in space-time that reaches backwards and forwards (as in 'All Good Things' from Star Trek: TNG) cos it lets us have and eat both our Fray cake and our Buffy cookie.

(and welcome cookiepartier ;)
Aw, much thanks Saje!

And I do agree with your "Five Doctors" nod. I mean, if the game isn't going to be canon anyway, it might be fun just to run with an interesting concept like that. I think some sort of rift would be grounds for not only multiple Slayers in "past" levels, but for time-bending antics to ensue (i.e. those from the future, the past- a sort of "best of" collection of peeps).
A sort of BtVS All-Stars ? Like it.
Wii60 for life!

None of that PS3 junk for me. No sir.
Thanks for the post Simon. Signed the petition. I doubt it will bear fruit but today I'm feeling like a "glass half empty" kinda guy. However, the COOLEST thing is, I finally got to see the Chaos Bleeds video clips. As much as I wanted to finish the game, I just didn't love the semi-awkward game play.

Can't stop the staking, I mean, signal.
Personally I don't think a buffy console game is very likely any time soon. Season 8 has been massively popular for a non-marvel/dc comic but that probably isn't enough to attract the attention of your average console gamer. Heck they stopped really making games based on marvel comics characters until they started making all of these new movies and tv shows. Considering how long buffy has been off the air and considering the demographic of people who actually watched buffy on tv versus the demographic of people who actually own a new gen console, if they did make a game it probably be a crappy clone on ps3 or one of the handhelds.

The MMO idea, on the other hand, which this petition doesn't mention, has possibility. Any MMO made would have to be post-season 7 if not directly related to season 8, so a slayer class is completely possible. Witches, half-demons, sorcerers, werewolves, watchers, etc, leave plenty of player classes. If the game was done in the style of hellgate: london, it would have the fast pace that a buffy game would need, allowing us to plow through tons of vampires and demons like i've always wanted to. Plus, mmo's like world of warcraft have a ridiculously broad range of players.

All that said I would probably go out and buy a wii if I could play buffy on it. Of course i'd probably end up accidentally staking my tv with the remote.

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Personally, I would LOVE a Buffy MMO. How cool would that be? And watching everyone try to ring true with Jossian dialogue and humour would be a real hoot.
I'm a little in love with the idea of a cel-shaded, hack 'n' slash, Ninja Gaiden-esque Fray game. Somebody please make that happen.
Buffy on Wii - that's the only way you'd ever get me to play a computer/console game.
I'd like to see a Tales of the Slayers/Tales of the Vampires type game for the Wii... because the Wii is the best thing ever!!!

You would start out playing as the first slayer then play as a vampire around the same time. Then you'd move forward in the timeline and play as a new slayer and then a new vampire, and so on...

And Joss could give some small input here and there so that it could be considered canon.
I just thought of this...

It could be like Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem for the Gamecube. One of the best games of all time.

It would start out with Fray discovering the Watcher's hideout in the end of Tales of the Slayers comic book. And then she starts reading about the different slayers and thats where you start playing.
I can see how having Slayers in the game could pigeonhole things a bit. So how about having a game that focuses on Watchers? Joss never really went in depth about the Council (and considering it's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, not Watcher, it wouldn't have made sense), so this could be a good way to introduce some canon material regarding the history of the council. Slayers could still play a role, just more in the background. I'm thinking this would probably work best for an RPG than action/adventure oriented game.

My ideas on the subject, anyway.
Is it too much to ask for a PC game? :(
I wouldn't mind seeing a Buffy mod for Civ IV. I know there were Star Trek and Stargate ones.
Phase one: Move entire town off Hellmouth.

Between that and deepgirl187's 'Sim Librarian' I think we're completely sorted for that mad adrenaline rush, the box may need some kind of cardiac health warning ;).
I've always wanted to have a Buffyverse RPG for the PC--maybe more of a "Sandbox RPG" like the Elder Scrolls series, or even something a bit tighter, like Knights of the Old Republic, where it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, but all your moral choices have consequences one way or another.

My idea was to have it take place during Angel S5, so that you start off as one of the many Slayers, but you could also travel to Los Angeles and interact with the Wolfram & Hart crew.

You could choose to become more of a fighting slayer type, or concentrate on learning magic. Of course, you could become bitten, and be compelled to feed on humans (or animals, for a lesser benefit) every so often to survive.
I'd love another Buffy game for the xbox (and make it for all the consoles - Buffy's too great not to share!!). The first game was a big hit on the xbox if I recall and the second one didn't do to bad either even though it wasn't considered as good. Games just look sooo good now on my 360 compared to the last gen consoles that I'd love to see what they could do with it.

Awhile back the teamxbox website that I frequent featured the Buffy game and how great it was and there were many, many positive comments about that game. I'm sure it would be a big seller if they did another one!
Buffy on Wii - that's the only way you'd ever get me to play a computer/console game.

I'm with The Do That Girl. I'm not really into computer games on any level. Just not my thing at all. The closest I come to them is the occasional game of Spider Solitaire. If I'm going to play a game it's going to be out in the fresh air and preferably football.

That said, my nephew brought Chaos Bleeds with him when he came to stay with me for a holiday, knowing that I'm a big Buffy fan, and I must admit that I did kinda enjoy it. Not enough to tempt me to play any of his other games though. I would be willing to have a look at another Buffy based game, should it ever get made.

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