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February 09 2008

Writers Strike Chronicles interviews Joss. Audio interview (short, but that's okay) in WSC Show #91, from the recent Sci-Fi day in front of NBC.

One of my tags is something he says he'll "explain later".

Couple of highlights, thoroughly paraphrased: Joss gallantly declined credit for creating a community through his shows, saying he just told the stories he thought were cool, and the community formed itself around them. And when asked which was the more powerful invention, the printing press or the internet, he once again went with cavemen. (I think the caveman was named Gutenberg.)

I thought it was a good interview, though the interviewer thought she lost it. She has an inspiring quote on her profile page: "Don't hate the media. Become the media!"

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Stone Soup! What a perfect analogy for the community that fandom built. Great interview, though that sucks it cut out 30 seconds early.

"Don't hate the media. Become the media!"

I like that. A lot. Gives me ideas.

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A horse? What Lessons could we take from that? We could have a Ripper of a time trying to figure it out. Let's hope we could get A Head of the competition on this one*.

*subtlety is my middle name.
Oooh. Simon, I think you may have something there. I didn't think of that. Could it be?

Please let it be true!
It's true, Joss can't be imited (he's actually coated in a special paint to prevent copying).

And of course it's the printing press, no doubt. Without that we wouldn't even have the internet. Or, y'know, functioning democracies (OK, kind of functioning ;).

(and yep Simon you're like a ton of bricks wrapped in lead. With a piano on top. Your subtlety is Ninja-esque. Is ASH going to Paley Fest ? Maybe an opportunity to squeeze in a short short ?)
Is ASH going to Paley Fest ?

Apparently he's filming his new show Desperados in Belfast (cause nothing screams "Devon fishing village" like Belfast) right now. My wife thinks she saw him outside her place of work yesterday. Maybe we can a chance to ask him.
Stone Soup is one of my favorite metaphors! Everybody brings something to the table, or to the kitchen first.

Tee shirt makers, there must be something you can do with the statement: Joss Brings the Stones.
Tee shirt makers, there must be something you can do with the statement: Joss Brings the Stones.

"Joss brings the stones...we make the soup." I'd buy that.

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