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February 09 2008

When Michael Muhney met Joss Whedon on the picket line. And more pics of Joss picketing on SciFi Strike Day can be found at WireImage and Getty Images.

In my head, Muhney is already a star of Dollhouse. My head is a happy place to be.
All I get is a "Fatal Error" message when I click on the link!
hehe saw those earlier. Figure some would have a freak out over it.
Ahh yes...this is my dream for Mr. Muhney to be on Dollhouse. Thanks for posting, Simon.
I think Joss is using conditioner, and I like it.
Is that it? Just that one pic? I was hoping for some actual quotage of the two discussing Muhney's recurring role on Dollhouse. :(
I'm still not getting it. Harm, can you clue me in here?
Er, I don't think we're the casting staff on Dollhouse.
Maddie - I believe people (me included) just like to give out a "squee!" when Michael and Joss are together. There is some buzz out there that wants the two of them to work together.

ESG and I have decided that Michael Muhney is a younger, hotter Captain Jack from Torchwood. Does anyone else see it?

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If he's the younger hotter version of Cap'n Jack (I saw it too) then meltdown is imminent.
Well, Joss and Michael already met, on a different day at a picket line, but, I guess you can say this time they met again.
I see a young John Barrowman as well as Jamie Bamber in those photos of Muhney. I think Ron Moore should cast him as Zak Adama, Apollo's brother who shows up alive in season 4...and turns out to be the final cylon! That'd stir things up even more between Lee and Kara. :)

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Joss and Michael Muhney work on a project together. We all know Michael wants to work with Joss, and I'd be surprised if Joss doesn't feel the same way. He's a Veronica Mars fan after all and was probably geeking out when they first met, "OMG, Sheriff Lamb!". OK, I kid. They do really seem like like-minded people in a lot of ways.

Whether Joss hires Muhney in Dollhouse, or whether Eliza is the only DH actor we recognize, I trust his decision to cast the right actors for the roles. He's never done us wrong before.

That said, psst Joss, get Muhney on Dollhouse! ;)

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In 'my' head, I can see Muhney following Joss around, wearing a long flowing dress and a black wig and screaming "I'd like to read for the role of Echo, please!".

And Joss promptly visits the loo and comes up with a new and exciting role for him on the spot.

It could SO happen...
Wow, esg, I love your idea about Muhney playing Zak Adama :) Makes me miss Battlestar just to think about it.

Michael Muhney is not only a highly attractive and way-cool guy, he is also a terrific actor and I can't wait to see him in some deeply multi-layered challenging roles.

I love that the Whedon fanverse has adopted Michael (he really was a BDH during the whole Flan debacle) and that he shares the love right back. The relationship already feels so natural that it sometimes surprises me to remember that Michael hasn't yet been in a Whedon show. It's about time we see what magic can happen if he really got to work with the outstanding writing and storytelling skills of Joss.

He just fits into our 'verse, yaknow?
I think Muhney on Dollhouse would be perfect! At the very least, someone needs to get this man back on my TV on a regular basis. He's such a talented actor and a nice guy! :)
He just fits into our 'verse, yaknow?

"He just fits into our 'verse, yaknow?:
I could not agree more, Michael has always been the most gracious, easy going actor, and he, in anything Joss related would be AMAZING.
I want a Fracking Cylons tee shirt like Michael Trucco's!!
I want a Fracking Cylons tee shirt like Michael Trucco's!!

I love the double entendre.
I have to admit that I spoke to Michael Muhney on Wednesday without knowing who he was. I've heard his name quite a bit on here, but I sadly still haven't managed to catch Veronica Mars. He was extremely nice and had his adorable baby girl with him (record-breaking youngest picketer?) I did see him and Joss chatting... here's hoping something works out.

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