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February 09 2008

Buffy the Jigsaw Puzzle. Rearrange the pieces into the cover of Buffy #12. Hours, well minutes of fun.

I enjoyed that. There can never be enough Buffy jigsaw puzzles. :-)
Oh crap. There go my plans to do any actual work today...
That would've been cool if like, the only way to SEE the cover was to finish the jigsaw puzzle.

I miss JK Rowling mystery door puzzles.
I think this is how they should release the covers each week. But it should be at least a 100 piece puzzle each time. :)
Vortigun, you can choose how many pieces you want, on the left side.
Oh great idea- that you don't actually get to SEE future covers until you've worked for it.
I'd also love to see a 'colour it yourself' cover, because I'm geeky that way.
While I'm dreaming, how about a 'What are they saying?' competition with a panel of artwork that has empty comic dialog boxes for us to write in? I have a whole bunch of 'eye' jokes that I'm dying to use on Xander.
That was far too much fun than it should've been.
Thanks Simon. That was fun. Gotta go post the link around.

Under Help, they have a contact us page. So if anybody wants to suggest having a click to hide the cover. Or maybe Serenity covers!!! Or just thank them.
I like the idea of revealing covers ONLY through jigsaw puzzles. If you wanna see it in advance, assemble it! And it should be challenging, too.
Okay, why does Xander have more cleavage that Buffy or Willow. That's just so wrong on so many levels.
12 x 12...taking a bit longer.
2 x 2, getting easier...

Try 2 x 12, that's quite funny.
Oh, that was good fun! More, please!
I threw them an email asking for more Buffy jigsaw puzzles, ones that don't reveal the cover before the puzzle is completed. Everyone who wants that should do the same.
That was pretty fun and not as easy as I thought it'd be. Probably because I'm so completely observant I never noticed the cover shot in the corner until I was nearly done.
There are a couple more on their site, one Buffy and one Willow. The Willow one is across the page so if you don't scroll down you don't see the preview.
Did anyone else not bother to read the instructions and spend a good five minutes completely baffled by the up-side down pieces? Yeah. I'm that girl.
Ah puzzley fun. Thank you.

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