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February 09 2008

Wizard Magazine's coverage of the "Y: The Last Man" wrap party. Joss was the keynote speaker at last night's event. Pics of him, Brian K. Vaughan and indeed Grant Morrison can be found here (MySpace account required to view). And if you want even more coverage, io9 also has a feature about the party.

Look how big Joss's hand looks. Weird angle.
I normally avoid commenting on people's mitts, but dear lord -- that's some impressive handage going on from joss.
Anyone else turned off by the obvious snark directed at Whedon fans in the io9 party recap? I'd been thinking pretty highly of that site recently, but this petty snipe reflects a childishness I hadn't seen previously. Maybe I just wasn't looking...

Onto more positive things, I just finished the first two books of Y: the Last Man and am loving it to pieces.
There was a tiny snark from io9 but IMHO it WAS inappropriate to be asking a 'Firefly' costuming question at what was essentially a 'Y..' event.
There was nothing to stop them from speaking to Joss privately if they REALLY needed an answer, as guest numbers were limited to 140.
I have found at most cons and events that there is usually a small number of people who ask questions NOT because they want an answer, but because they want to be seen and acknowledged by the 'famous' guests.

Anyway, I am glad the monkey was wearing pants, and would pay great sums of cash for the new Dr Who comic as it was described on the io9 page- talk about a fangurl dream!
Performing monkeys? Not entirely cool.

Also, yeah, I don't think it was overly snarky at all.
Congratulations to Brian (and imagine having Joss as a keynote speaker at an event for you. Overwhelming). I'd never heard about this comic but it's only by exposure to places like the big W and a few others that I get let out of my mundane bat cave and into the light of knowledge. I note the photos have no captions (though I know that's a great picture of Brian at the top of the Wizard Mag page) so I must ask, where's a photo of intrepid W'esque reporter SoddingNancyTribe who mentioned this in a topic that's recently archived? I must inspect his air of "Wesley-ness" ... kidding. But do feel better SNT if you didn't see my post in the archived topic.
Hah. Given the battery of photogs that were there, I'm quite happy not to have been captured in a single photo - probably because I didn't sit near or talk to any of the big names last night. Although I did sit next to "Natalie," the woman who's talking to BKV in the io9 featured photo - she was very amusing and we shared many snarky, but respectful!, comments. (And thanks for the well-wishes, TJ.)

Just to be clear: no one actually asked the question about Jayne and a green shirt - it was a hypothetical dreamed up to illustrate the writer's point that BKV, JW, and the others were happy not to be answering such detailed questions for one night.
I am amused because in the picture of Joss sitting in the front row, I am almost perfectly obscured by the beam in the center of the picture, though you can see my right ear, right arm, and right leg.
Nice review of the final issue at The LA Times. The article contains spoilers, so take care if you haven't read the issue yet.
I'm only on book three, and my local comic store is still waiting on back issues. Curses! But it's a lot of fun.
It's fun to see coverage of this--I'm in one of the crowd shots, apparently cracking up about something, which sounds about right, because Joss/Brian/Pia were hilarious. I got a different impression than the io9 reporter on some things, though--as far as I'm aware, the vip tickets sold out after an hour, not six minutes. I bought an early bird ticket the day of, and while I can't swear no one camped out overnight, none of the 8 people in front of me appeared to have sleeping bags or gear, we were just all there before the store opened at the sane hour of 11 am.

Hopefully it's clear which of Vaughan's comments were jokes, like him just liking boobs and severed heads--as far as I could tell that was sarcasm, given his focus on relationships and story. Many of the comments were jokes, which is why with the cracking up. (But I figure the quote from Brian Azzarello is probably legit)

I wish I knew whedonesquers by sight! But everyone I talked to was nice and into being there. It was a really good time, monkey ethical issues aside (and I kinda wish I'd seen him before he got tired and his trainer took him out, as he probably was adorable).
That LA Times review is kinda heartbreaking in its observation of the sum of the series, the finale issues specifically, but it hits the nail on the head.

I loved the series and the final issue was sad for a few reasons, but it wasn't the kind of frustrating ending where you're left feeling like you could've eaten a lot more and been fed better quality before dinner ended.

I wasn't expecting a Deux Ex Machina, I think I'm glad they didn't find a way to repopulate the Earth or magically un-do the plague's kills...but the ending is kinda tremendously depressing. Most of my friends are women and I tend to get along with 'em better sometimes, or at least keep in touch with them easier, but I'd hate to live in a world devoid of guys.

They almost seemed like they could've gone the mystical route with the reason behind the men-death. The Amulet Of Helene that 355 took out of Jordan despite that Isreali woman's warning and the ring that Yorick started to believe saved him, those weren't undone as possibilities. You could've assumed they were, and I sorta did when Dr. Mann's father's explanation came into the picture and they spent so much time almost solidifying it as the cause, but then Alter throws out a theory at the end there and I think there may've been mention of something else toward the end of the series. In the end it doesn't matter the reason really, but you can't help but continue to be intensely curious about whether Vaughan has conviction about it and simply left it out of the story. And the amulet thing was never brought up, you never saw 355 worrying about it, it was never shown again in the series past issue #1.

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