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February 10 2008

(SPOILER) Gorgeous Wesley artwork from 'Angel: After The Fall'. This preview page is from Wesley's 'First Night' tale. It's really good.

Agreed. That's some damn fine artistry.
That's pretty stunning. I can't wait for this. How many more hours away is it?!?
That is a really beautiful piece of art.Can't wait to read this.
Excellent Artwork. This looks like being a very moving story.
Wow. I could tell which one was Wesley without reading any dialogue! Not to be too snarky, but these depictions reflect Alexis much better that past ATF artwork.
That's an amazing piece of art, can't wait to read it. Now I'm gonna apologize coz this is completly off topic, but I just downloaded The Southland album Influence Of Geography (Jed Whedon's band) I'd never heard them before and I just wanted to say they're amazing. Sorry again for the not on topic-ness.
Great work.

I'm guessing this story is going to be heartbreaking!
It's one of those rare pieces of comic book artwork where you don't need captions or dialogue. I assume the final version will feature those but at the moment it doesn't need it. It's perfect as it is.
Joins Simon.

Also, property of Mr Gordo, that's a very weird (and cool) find. Jed Whedon's bandage (I suspect they've split up).
I'd hate to be annoying about this but I'm sure I'm not the only one who is behind on the Angel and Buffy comics and therefore even the title and description of this post were pretty big spoilers. In the future can we try to be a bit more careful particularly with the relatively current stuff.
the title and description of this post were pretty big spoilers.

Not really. All that was revealed is that's theres an upcoming Wes story. And that's it. No indication of the plotline (apart from it being set before After The Fall). If IDW thought the info was spoilerish they wouldn't have mentioned it.
Ohhhh, OK, so this is before the rainy alley and "Let's get to work!"?

You're right, ajay4. You are not the only one behind on the Buffy and Angel comics. Personally, I need to do something about that, immediately if not sooner!
Not to detract from ATF artwork, but it seems kind of weak next to the Serenity: Better Days cover art that Adam Hughes did, and it was kinda panned by this site.

Maybe I should look into After The Fall, though. And, I agree on the spoiler warning thing. After The Fall hasn't been out all that long, and (Me included) there have to be people that haven't read it yet that want to.
When compared to the "Better Days" cover, I'd take the art from "Angel: After the Fall" any day. The cover for BD is oddly creepy.

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Considering that was cover art, and this is an inside panel.... well, they're two very different animals. It looks brill though!
Uh, yeah. That's as amazing as it always should be.

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