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February 10 2008

Seth Green to appear in Battlestar Galactica: The Phenomenon. This'll be on March 28th.

From a press release at Maureen Ryan's blog, Seth Green will appear in "a celebrity-studded celebration of the show’s impact on pop culture. Interviewees, including Seth Green, country music’s Top Male Vocalist of 2007 Brad Paisley, and Talk Soup’s Joel McHale, and others, wax poetic about why Battlestar Galactica is one of the best frakkin’ shows on television."

Very cool!! I'll be watching this as long as they aren't showing any spoilers from the upcoming season!
Seth Green on BSG! Wait, oh, just a panel. But still, cool! I so enjoy Joel McHale on the Soup. He talks about BSG every once in a while and always finishes by saying "it really is a good show". Love him! I don't know who Brad Paisley is.
Listen to Whiskey Lullaby. Then you shall know who Brad Paisley is.

Oz loves BSG! Shiny! I know, I thought the same thing - "He's going to be on the show? Woo!" But no, we don't get another one like we did with Badger. That was awesome.
now I would have cast somelocals oh like

Jewel---NICK LEA---Nathan
Really not a shocker, considering the last time I saw him on the big screen was in a bunch of Mass Effect promos during the Battlestar Galactica: Razor screening. Three cheers for cross-promotion (and I'll put ten bucks down that when Seth shows up in the BSG special, Mass Effect is going to get mentioned...).
...Brad Paisley's going to be commenting? That's hilarious. Must watch.
rivergirl, please use capitals in your posts. You've been asked a number of times before.

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