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February 10 2008

Felicia Day's The Guild is worth watching. The LA Times says: "A rare jewel in the Web TV world is "The Guild," written and produced by Felicia Day, a graduate of the Joss Whedon School for Gorgeous Nerd Actresses."

I am so pleased to read about this in the mainstream media. Felicia Day and company make my day whenever a new episode appears.
That is so cool, and the lovely miss Day responds in the comments too. I'm now just patiently waiting for the next episode.
What is really funny is the first post was such a geek post it had me laughing. Someone is taking things too seriously. And the Ms. Day herself posts and puts paid to some of that first poster's comments. Hee!
Let's hope Felicia and this show are on the road to sitcom pilot development
I just watched all 6 episodes for the first time earlier today. It's a very good show!
As much as I enjoy The Guild, I would totally prefer to see Ms. Day in The Dollhouse!
Felicia Day is made of awesome. I even love her Cheetos commercial... I remember the first time I saw it, I was like "Felicia Day!" just before the Cheetah called her by name.
written and produced by Felicia Day, a graduate of the Joss Whedon School for Gorgeous Nerd Actresses.

I am ~so~ registering!
Aww, much love to The Guild! I showed it to all my friends in the dorm and they all loved it too! Felicia's a great gal.
I very much enjoy The Guild, it must be said :)


I am ~so~ registering!

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