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February 11 2008

'Negotiations' - a strike film. It features Joss and fellow Whedonesquers.

I giggled. Especially at the romantic negotiation one. Love can conquer all, except a writer's strike.

That's how big this strike is.
woo hoo joss whedon!!!!
Thanks for finding this, Simon. There were a few of us Whedonesquers in the shoot for that opening bit, along with several Eureka writers. Here's a group photo that was taken right after filming.
OK, now link that photo with labels for Whedonesquers so I know who y'all are. :)
Ugh. That was painful.
Ooh. Fun. And how nice to see it now.
That is a great photo. You had sunshine, no snow to deal with AND Joss Whedon. That is hard to top. Good work.
I'm mostly a lurker here, but I'm the one on the far right in the blue Battlestar Galactica tee :D
And the one to the right of her is Lady Brick, and the one to the left of her is Pliny.

eta: oops, reverse and inverse that. I was following her right and left, as written. No wonder you needed me for a navigator on the scavenger hunt, Amy J.

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Oh my god, that was so funny, I love the look on Joss's face, awesome lol.
Slate analyzes the pluses and minuses of the WGA's tentative deal.
Yes, I'd be the girl standing next to Amy ;)

As for the others in the photo, they are (from left to right): unknown, Ed Quinn (Nathan Stark on Eureka), Eric Wallace (Eureka writer and strike captain), unknown, Jamie Paglia (co-creator of Eureka), some BSG fan, and Ed and Nick in the back (Eureka writers.)
We got this e-mail with some info on the making of the film:


Not too long ago, one of your members posted a link to a short film that featured Joss - I happen to know the two guys that created the film, and thought perhaps you guys would appreciate some insight to how it came about and exactly how Joss got roped into doing it. I wrote a short piece for you guys, if you want to use it!

"A crowd stands outside the NBC studios building, protesting the unfairness of the deal given to the writers. A thin, lanky young man comes out and shakes his head.

The strikers slam their signs down in frustration. One of those protesters happen to be Mr. Joss Whedon himself.

Whedon is typically behind the camera. So what the heck was he doing in front of it?

Turns out, he was a mere extra in a short film written by an out-of-work kid down on his luck who just survived a scary car accident. Oh, and he's in Jersey (that's New Jersey to y'all - don't hold it against him). He conceptualized this film but it only took off when he collaborated with a friend of his. Who happened to be in California.

The two have never met in person.

Scott (the Jersey boy) and Joey (the LA dude) pounded out a script and roped in some people to get involved in their project.

Of course, the "casting" of Whedon was totally unplanned. After Joey shot the film and roped in some actors (besides Whedon, the film includes Jamie Paglia, Eric Wallace, Ed Quinn and Dylan Ramsey), he had to give the good news to his collaborator.

Joey called Scott and said, "Are you sitting down? Guess who just filmed a part for the movie?" After a beat: "Joss Whedon."

"That's where I went through denial and shock. At first, I thought it was some elaborate prank," said Scott. "My birthday was coming up, and I'm definitely a huge 'Buffy' fan. So this had to be a joke ... I had just watched an episode of 'Buffy' the night before and have been studying his writing style for a while now ... so to hear he had agreed to be in a movie that I had helped develop ... it still hasn't sunk in."

Now that the Writer's Strike is over, Joss Whedon can go back to his other projects - rather than slaving away for free for a pair of nobodies on opposite sides of the continent.

Scott and Joey can look forward to trying to get some work, too. "My only hope now is that I can get the opportunity to thank Joss personally some time," said Scott. "[Seeing] him alongside Joey in that opening scene is one of the greatest moments in my career so far. Hopefully one day I'll get to work for him."

Negotiations is doing well, but if you want to continue to express your support, root for a pair of underdogs, and throw some Joss love our way, go and watch the film, vote for it and critique Mr. Whedon's acting abilities!"

(Bart Brooks)

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