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February 11 2008

Our own Summer Glau makes MSN's "Fresh Faces of 2008". Somehow her photo does not scream "TERMINATOR".

Could we be watching the future governor of California?
I don't know...I bet our girl could do some damage with that pretty white bow.
Somehow her photo does not scream "TERMINATOR".

There are jokes to be made there and I will leave them (quite benevolently, I feel) to Saje, b!X, gossi, or whoever else is having a fit of cheekiness today.
Another great line you can use from tonight's Terminator: Sarah Connors Chronicles.

Spoiler if you haven't seen the 2/11/2008 episode.

Here is another one from an earlier episode.

When someone is searching the fridge for turkey or whatever and yells that it isn't in there.
"Move the food around, the turkey will reveal itself to you."
When I read the first four words, "Our own Summer Glau", I thought for a second that we all finally figured out a way to adopt her, you know legally, without kidnapping, blackmail, or secret slavery. Alas... thats never going to happen.
She's so cute though! :)
you know legally, without kidnapping, blackmail, or secret slavery.

There's always cloning...

Nathan at the FX convention said he was approached by European scientists that wanted to clone him. He said "No. That would be wrong."

2008 FX panel video from C. A. Bridges from

No word yet from Summer on the whole cloning issue.
That bow does not go well with that dress which is a shame really cause that dress really suits her.
I am uncertain that bow actually goes with any dress. Actually, it looks remarkably like a bathrobe belt.

And, zeit, sorry, but my cheeks fail me today.
Governor* Summer Glau, has a nice ring to it. At least it's fairly easy to spell.

Schwarza, Schwarzen,

*I accidentally typed Governator at first. Talk about Fruedian slip.
I too am cheekless, bereft of cheek I rest in snark. So it's all on your shoulders gossi. No pressure though.

And frankly, as far as dresses that kill go, her choice at the electric car show a while back is still, surely, undisputed King of the Hill. That dress would simply sneer threateningly at this one, cackling "I've got you my pretty and your little bow too".

Course, the lassie could wear a sack and look glamorous so no harm done. And her face is plenty fresh.
Summer was born in the U.S. She can be president! I've been watching the Chronicles because of Summer, but I had never seen the Terminator movies before. I just rented 1 & 2. I'm trying to get the image of a naked Arnold out of my head.
I'm in the same boat - to me it has been the "Terminator: The Summer Glau Chronicles" from the beginning.

Of course, Lena Headey is incredible ((I wish I had a modicum of her acting talent)).

It would be interesting for Joss to moonlight and do an episode or two of the Chronicles, no?

I'd definitely be willing to support Miss Glau in a few years ((Or a decade)) insofar as her not holding any strange political positions ((Khmer Rouge in the U.S.A.? A return to protectorate status under the United Kingdom? &c.))

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