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February 12 2008

Wizard Magazine interview with Joss Whedon now online. A really substantial interview covering Buffy season 8, Dollhouse, Astonishing X-Men, Runaways and pie.

Why, oh why, do the words "PIE SPOILER!!!" not appear in the tags. Hrmph.
It is always a joy reading Joss Whedon interviews, even when not much new information is presented.

Mmmm... pie
I rarely ever say this, but: LOL. PIE SPOILERS!!
The Buffy and X-Men news were cool, but Pie Spoilers are especially awesome.
Nice to hear from Season 9 again, possibly another 40 issues? This will keep us going for many years to come!
Oh, awesome. Read this interview in the mag and was going to buy it until I received an answer to my "How much is this?"
... but... I love your face too!

And will Blindfold’s prediction from issue #18 about an X-Men not coming back actually come true?
Do you think Blindfold would not be right?

You never know.
Yeah, the issue ends with Blindfold going, “Psych!” and bumping into a wall. It’s hilarious.

Hee ;).

I think he's struck the perfect balance between fan-boy aware and newb friendly. As a non-X-Men reader (apart from bits and pieces in the late 80s/early 90s and the films) i've found it really easy and enjoyable to follow. What put me off the X-Men in the first place were the numerous cross-overs requiring you to read sixty-ten titles every month but Astonishing is the new, slimmer version but still with the same great taste. Or something ;).

(the article's out of date BTW, Giant Size AXM isn't out until April 9th now)

What’s the premise of “Dollhouse,” your new show on Fox?

It’s about a girl who has had her personality completely wiped clean so that she can be imprinted with lots of different personalities for particular assignments; some of them criminal, some of them romantic, some of them sexual, some of them just…what’s the word I’m trying to think of?

Is that new or did we already know this ? Because it seems to imply that Echo was a person, actual and whole before being wiped and becoming a doll. Previously i'd assumed they were raised in the dollhouse and kept blank for imprinting (sorta a la 'The Island').

Raises some interesting questions, like what could possibly happen to a person to make them choose that for themselves ? Back-story ahoy ;).
Back-story ahoy ;).

Maybe Echo was a Pie-maker, or maybe she's made of pie.
A renegade pie genius on the run from a crumble conglomerate ? That reeks of franchise (and rhubarb).
Saje, from a story teller point of view, it's best not to have them blank. I wouldn't do that. Why? 'cause it gives you more stories. Who was she? Why was she selected? Did she select herself? If she selected herself, why - what would drive somebody to do that? If she didn't get raised in that environment, is the same true for everybody else? What kind of person would be involved in selecting people for something like that? Why would they do it?

Questions. Which, you know, if you're telling a story? Wicked cool. In my world, figuring out who put her into the 'house, as a story teller, would be a very funny experience. 'cause you could piece it together so very well, as part of an arc.

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Yeah, definitely opens up more possibilities gossi. And it also throws open another avenue of moral greyness as per the other thread - if Echo chose to become a doll, is she morally culpable for what she does while imprinted ?

It's also kind of implying that women are, to some extent, complicit in their own objectification. And that might well make folk angry. Cat, meet pigeons ;). I almost hope he goes down this route rather than have her press-ganged into it - it's much more ambiguous.

(though as you say, finding out she volunteered - a la Jason Bourne - may well be a season finale type of revelation)
I would make her think that, by having somebody she trusts tell her that. And then shit on that trust. In multiple ways. (This is me on a good day).

Wake me up when BitTorrent's alive!
Cheery bugger aren't you ;). Still, flowers and pretty skies don't make good stories - gotta have the pain.

True though, her reality is dictated by what she's told, how does she know what (or who) she can trust ? There's a lot of meat in there about subjective versus objective experience. Reminds me of 'Memento' though I wonder if Joss (with his famously malleable approach to his fictional realities) will come to another conclusion than that film (which was that, to quote Philip K Dick, "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away").

'Dollhouse' is like a narrative fractal - the closer you look, the deeper it goes. Cool ;).

(and d'you mean Bittorrent isn't alive ? Google still is though, right ? How else can it be my friend ?)
Google is working on a search engine for pie? And/or pie PIE SPOILERS! Good to see this interview make it online, the discussion of it when it was only in print was amusing enough, I am afraid can't wait to see where this one goes.
That was pretty cool, but I would have liked to see SOME mention of Ripper. Of all the things he has mentioned he has in the works, THAT is the one I'm most excited about.
But is it going to be harsh? Let’s see. Let me look in the mirror…“Oh, it’s Joss Whedon!” Yes, it’s probably gonna be harsh.

New quote to go into the Whedonesque rotation?
Oh, that was a fun read. Love Tom Lenk reading the comics aloud.

Is Joss' whole X-men run going to be put together in one big volume? (Like the Runaways?) I haven't read them because I didn't know anything about X-men (except the movies), and unlike Runaways, there was just a leetle too much for me to start at the beginning. But I'd like to read the whole thing once it's done.
But, more death. Sigh. :-(
But no mention of taxes so, y'know, silver lining.
Well, I wish more people would be throwing themselves at me. It’s nice to have fans [but] where are the groupies?

I will be your groupie, Joss! Just give me your schedule and I'll be there. </creepy>

Um... yes. Awesome interview. I love the idea of this comic-book-writer club where everyone gets everybody else to help them out with their stuff.
But, more death. Sigh. :-(

It's the love, death, and rhetoric school. Minus the rhetoric, but death is compulsory.

I am so looking forward to settling this glowy Brand issue. Is she Majesdanian?
Sign me up for Groupies for Joss.
It's the love, death, and rhetoric school. Minus the rhetoric, but death is compulsory.
Sunfire | February 12, 20:08 CET

With Eliza in the Alfred role.

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