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February 12 2008

What could have been - Ryan Reynolds on Buffy. "I love that show and I loved Joss Whedon, the creator of the show, but my biggest concern was that I didn't want to play a guy in high school".

This topic comes up every so often, last time we chatted about it was back in November 2004. Ryan, of course, went off to star in 'Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place'. One memorable episode featured Nathan Fillion and Tony Head. Sadly though they didn't appear on screen together.

Can he be on Dollhouse please? I know he's got a film career going, but I'd love it if he was another of the dolls... or anything really. Ryan Reynolds in Whedon's hands... delicious.
Ryan and Pete Best would be hilarious, drunk, in a room together.
Oh, the benefits of hindsight...
I don't know if he's referring to the role of Xander or not, but regardless, doesn't the idea that one of the regular cast wouldn't have been there make it a little harsh to say 'what could have been'?
Why did Ryan use the present tense for "I love that show" and the past for "I loved Joss Whedon"? Joss, is there something you want to tell us??? Actually, if I want to get some work done today, maybe it's best I don't think about Ryan Reynolds in any state of undress.
... doesn't the idea that one of the regular cast wouldn't have been there make it a little harsh to say 'what could have been'?

It's literally what could have been i.e. what may have occurred, what's the problem ? Maybe you're adding your own wistful tone of internal voice while asking the question KingofCretins ? ;).

Still holding out hope that Ryan Reynolds will play 'The Flash' (if David Goyer ever gets to do it) - he'd be pretty much perfect for the role.
Eh, it's the phrasing itself, usually a wistful one. I'll be happy to think I've misread it. As you'd probably guess from my handle, I'm usually watching out for Xander/Nick in discussions :) That said, Ryan Reynolds is really cool, and I now have this idea of Hannibal King in the Buffyverse stuck in my head.
Hmm, maybe - you'd have to ask Simon ;).

Agreed though, the Hannibal King character would've been a great (actual) rogue demon hunter for a guest spot. Like the werewolf hunter in 'Phases' only possibly with a few more sexual sparks between him and Buffy.
doesn't the idea that one of the regular cast wouldn't have been there make it a little harsh to say 'what could have been'?

If it was I wouldn't have said it.
Yeah I'm guessing the role would have been Xander too, can't think of who else it could have been? Imagine how different the show would have been.. yikes.

Nice little bit of info I'd never heard before, cool. :)
Well, I imagine Buffy/Xander would have happened on TV.

Y'know, I don't know the casting stories well enough to say, what if he was offered the role of Angel?
Angel wasn't in high-school so I doubt it was him, Xander seems most likely (Nathan Fillion apparently went for Angel though - which would've been pretty different).
Ah, the Mal/Buffy goodness of it!

I can't decide what I find more puzzling... Boreanaz as Mal, or Boreanaz as Caleb.

[ edited by KingofCretins on 2008-02-12 15:10 ]
No, I definitely see him as Xander, not Angel. He has the geeky vibe going for him. Maybe he could have been cast as Jesse, then he would have died in the first episode. It's hard to think of someone else as Xander. Weird.....

Saje, I would love to see Ryan as the Flash. That would be brilliant.
And we'll never know, just as we'll never know what the show would have been like had Charisma been cast as Buffy.
Though he is a credible actor, for some reason, I can never take Ryan Reynolds seriously in anything non-comedy he's in. So I guess I'm kinda glad he turned down a role, because I think watching would've been that twinge of awkward for me- like watching the Amityville remake. Well-made, but I just *couldn't* get into the performance.

It's obviously my mind unfairly typecasting, but eh. I'm happy things turned out the way they did. Although didn't "Kendra" try for "Cordelia"? Now that might've been fun (although Charisma obviously made the thing her own- oh yeah!).

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Ah, the ol' "What if".

What if they hadn't recast the role of Willow? What if Charisma had been Buffy and Sarah had been cast as Cordelia?

Nathan Fillion could have been Angel and Christian Kane could have been Riley.

And speaking of Riley, did he ever remind anyone of Owen from season one?

Frankly, I think Btvs and Angel were the best cast shows to ever hit the air. Right off hand, I can only name one character that I think was miscast.

[ edited by menomegirl on 2008-02-12 17:02 ]
Are you all forgetting about Andrew? He would have been perfect for that role.
madmolly, i don't see how he would have been better than Tom Lenk.
Tom Lenk was perfect as Andrew. I cannot imagine him as another character.
I love Ryan Reynolds, he's one of those actor's I'd watch in anything, no matter what.

This is the second time in recent memory I've seen one of my favourite actors give Joss some love in an interview. Couple months ago when Kristen Bell did an interview with Complex Magazine she gave some Josslove out. I'd go look for the quote, but the magazine is in my housemates room and I don't feel like snooping.
Actually we know what Ryan would have been like on Buffy.
Ha! Nice find, Simon. I hadn't seen that one. The last thing I saw of that nature was one that featured Riley, Lindsey and Gwen.
I like Ryan Reynolds but I'm glad he didn't come between us and Nick Brendon.
I just assumed he was offered Xander as well.
Alternative casting choices make me feel weird- I still can't get my head around Katie Holmes as Buffy and SMG as Cordy!

I WAS feeling a bit sorry for Ryan until I remembered he's dating Scarlet Johannson. So in the scheme of things, the guy's not making out TOO badly in life. ;-)

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