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February 12 2008

"An entire world of (perhaps unsuitable for work)". Comic Book Resources has more quotes from Y: The Last Party plus a few more shots of Joss doing karaoke.

ETA: subtract the word "porn" from the front page. Just didn't want you to have to explain to your coworkers the meaning of "an entire world of porn." Actually, I kind of did. Nothing personal, just my sense of humor. But no, I couldn't do that to you.

Did anyone else get the Buffy ad at the top of the page, with the vampire and the scythe? Is it maybe Dracula? We know he's supposed to be in the next arc...
Speaking of porn, I saw a drawing of Yorick last night (though Yorick's kinda generic looking so it could be any character, and the artist admits that in their caption). On an erotic art website that caters to yaoi/dude art. Something about a good joke for the series would've been if the last man on Earth had turned out to be gay, how much that would've sucked (more) for him (I think there's lip service paid to that notion in the actual comic book, for a laugh or two). The piece depicts Yorick with a much larger tool than what we see in the series (hey full frontal on semi-mainstream male comic book characters is still kinda rare, even in mature-rated titles, now that I think about it)...

I should re-read the series soon in the near future. Not that the art was bad, just that I'd rather have my lasting memory of the franchise be completely about the book proper. This must be how it'd feel if I'd read bad Buffy fanfic after "Chosen" aired.
Funny about "generic looking," Kris. One comment I haven't seen reported from this event is Pia acknowledging that her conception of Yorick was basically Xander.
Oh yeah ? In the past she's said that he was pretty much based on Xander ?

I know Vaughan doesn't care about the movie all that much, but instead of Topher Grace (who I like in his movie roles) I think Christopher Gorham (Jake 2.0, the lead character's boyfriend on Ugly Betty, small part on Felicity, Popular, Odyssey 5, etc) looks a lot like Yorick and can pull off the humor more similarly to how he sounded in my head while reading the series. The guy's also in his late 20s and bound to grow up some looks-wise any year now, so it'd be cool if they shot the movie soon and he noticeably aged (ideally they'd shoot the scenes sequentially if that happened, although I know that's not usually how movies are made).

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