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February 12 2008

(SPOILER) IDW's Chris Ryall posts more pages and info for Angel: After the Fall 'First Night'. Two excellent new images from this story within a story event.

We have already seen one page, but this reveals another character that will feature in these 3 issue specials.

Once again with the pretty. Two more months...
Cool and all, but a three month break from the main story? Is it really necessary to do all the First Night issues consecutively?
Ryall said that #9 will probably come out only two weeks after #8 (the conclusion of "First Night") so fans don't spend too much time away from the original story. So it's pretty much two and a half months. It'll be similar to when we had to wait from June 20th to September 5th waiting for the Season Eight storyline to continue. During those months, we got a lot of waiting and the awful "The Chain" issue. In this case, we'll only have to wait two and a half month and we'll get three entire issues of a story we've been waiting for since Angel said "Let's go to work." I don't think it's that bad a deal. :]
Always happy to see more Spike. Can't wait.
Yep, it's just a two month break. Sorry about that, but you'll be well-entertained with 66 pages of ANGEL goodness!
ANY Angel goodness is a welcome bonus in my book!
I'm so used to being behind on plot lines due to waiting yonks for shipping that release dates have come to mean naught to me!

What a great rendition of Spike- I just may have to add some dialogue for him tomorrow when I am procrastinating at work.
Brian, would it be reasonable to assume that there's narration on these pages that's been omitted for spoiler purposes, or will the images simply stand alone?

o.O or is that itself a spoiler?
Well, we already know the Lorne page has narration. It was on the page when that site released it without colors.

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