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February 12 2008

(SPOILER) Dark Horse comics for May. Description and covers for Buffy #14 and Serenity: Better Days #3. Plus, the Leave Your Spandex @ The Door blog reviews Buffy #11.

Amazing work by Adam Hughes and stomping action Dawn.

If set between "Those Left Behind" and "Serenity," wonder if Inara and Book will join Jayne on the cover to #2?? They shouldn't be there, but I'd love Adam Hughes' renditions!

Love, love, love that Buffy cover!!
Ooh, stompy dawnage! Or dawny stompage! Whichever sounds most positive! And Serenityness. Hey, was there ever a cover for issue two of better days shown?
No #2 cover, Vince. See my above comment.

Also, I just realized that rampaging Dawn in Tokyo reminds me of Godzilla, which reminds me of Drew Goddard's most recent work, Cloverfield.
Damn I miss Jo Chen.
Dawn smash puny city!!

I prefer Jo Chen's covers too, but I like what I've seen for "Wolves at the Gate".
Beautiful cover! :)
OH MY GOD! It came true! Giant Dawn crushing Tokyo! It just goes to show...the power of prayer is as strong as ever. =D

Do you think Dawnie is the powerful new weapon they mentioned? hehehe
Giant Dawn... SMASH!!!!!!!!

Actually, I think Giant Dawn might be the weapon -- if the new vampires have theoretical Dracula powers, that would also include thrall.
What I wonder, the big street sign is blocked out. I suppose that it will say "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" there... but what if it's something else, something spoilerish? :-)
I was waiting for Giant Dawn to pull a Godzilla given the setting.
I'm like Serenity: Better Days #3 cover...I don't remember seeing the #2 cover. So #2 cover is a secret...hmmm.

Just checked dh and yep #2 cover isn't there either.

Looks like there are some 3rd printing of the first Serenity comics available. At least they have a Buy Now link beneath the comic covers.

Serenity: Better Days page with cover #1
Publication Date: Mar 12, 2008
Format: Full color, 40 pages

40 pages!!!! Whoo-hoo! According to dh, Serenity: Those Left Behind graphic novel was 80 pages 3 comics together with cover pics. "Serenity: Those Left Behind has sold over 85, 000 copies!" I think that is just the figures for the graphic novel and not the comics and graphic novel.
one of Serenity's crew is taken captive and tortured

So, it's a normal week aboard Serenity. I guess "Better" is truly as relative as it sounds. River making paper chains and a little Serenity out of money speaks volumes about the betterness of those days though. Torture + payment is still better than average from what we've seen.

I'm not generally into merchandise, but I really want a poster of Giant Dawn navigating poor Tokyo.

So #2 cover is a secret...hmmm.

I'm hoping it's Serenity. That expression on Simon's face is almost as good though.
Much like the first "Better Days" cover, this one is just *creepy*. I might actually wait for the TPB for the Serenity comics.
"...romp through Tokyo" indeed!
Why does Simon look like George Bush?
I merged the Buffy #11 review thread with this one.

I like both covers, although the Serenity one is just slightly . . . off, for some reason. Maybe it's Kaylee's gaptoothed smile. Simon looks like both GWB and himself, which is a feat of art indeed.
The Serenity covers always seem off to me. Even Jo Chen's Kaylee cover. I like Simon's expression and what River is doing in this new one, but honestly the only cover art I've ever liked for Serenity was the Shepherd Book cover from Those Left Behind. I always figure it's just me.
Los Angeles in hell and now Tokyo under siege by Giant Dawn are pulling my suspenders of disbelief off and I'm not happy about it. It was bad enough when the sun was blotted out over LA and Sunnydale was obliterated. But these new events are just too large - the entire world should be affected by them.
Not liking this one so much. I wish that her face were included in it.

I think the Scythe is taken from Buffy in an attempt to de-power all the newly shiny slayerkind!
I am quite liking the theme of this cover, very Cloverfield in that you cannot actually see Dawn's face, or you know just a way for the artist not to slave away at likenesses. (Not slating him though because I pretty much love this cover.) I indeedy like all of Jon Foster's covers, although I cannot wait to see Jo Chen again on #16. 2 months till we see her next cover!!! Where is the bleedin' variant cover, need a Georges fix! Also I wonder if anything is going on that screen, the logo maybe? Or, I mean it's obvious that the vamps have stolen the scythe to try and reverse the slayer spell, so maybe it's a news TV with a pic of the scythe saying 'Scythe missing' and thats why Dawn is trashing Japan.

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Could it be that Dawn-zilla actually IS the 'powerful weapon' being used against Buffy?

And it's really quite bizarre, but that Serenity cover does actually make Simon look like Dubya... visiting a Special Ed unit.
Oh, dear.
Ohmigod, this looks like so much fun! There was a fair amount of shrink-Dawn-back-already talk -- I was even starting to itch for something, anything to happen with her. Here confirm-eth that it was worth the wait. Dawn-zilla, indeed. /hears the Hanna-Barbera theme song in head. Can she breathe fire? (She should totally breathe fire.) Here's hoping Dawn gets her badass on and that helps brings her up and out of the kid-sister-dungeon.
I agree that Kaylee just doesn't look quite right, which is very disappointing (and I loved Jo Chen's Kaylee so much that well, she's on my right arm.)...but dayum, River and the money is so adorable.

I wish that had been the whole cover.

I am so looking forward to stompy Dawn. Yay!
Heh, Dawn-Godzilla comes as no suprize. Good looking cover, but I'm more excited about 7 Samurai allusion in the next one.

But I'm very happy about Serenity: Better Days cover. I agree, Kaylee looks off. But Simon's expression is charming, and River sitting on bags of money is very cute. While still a bit creepy, and it should be: they are criminals getting into a big trouble, after all. Also the series are shaping up as vintage Firefly, which makes me even more happy. So, whose turn is it to be captured/tortured? Hopefully Mal and Wash are out, and Simon-River-Jayne are out too, to some degree. Also if it's past Left Behind, than Inara and Book are off the ship. Yikes, I hope it's not Kaylee!
I hope it's not Zoe, for the torturers' sakes.
Manwithpez and I posed for this cover for Hughes at D*C a few years ago. He liked our costumes and said that someday they might get to make this series and would we mind posing a few ways for him. Of course! I think Kaylee got more of my not so well defined neck than Jewel's pretty neck. Sorry.

Adam is one of the nicest guys you can meet. I love his Singing Anya poster.

I like the cover. It's not perfect, but I like it. Could be biased...
Wonder if someone will try to make origami Serenitys inspired by River's?
I don't get it... Why were the two topics merged?! Was it an 'Oh well, I guess they're all, like, those comicy-bookies' thing?!
BunnyDee, there's already been a Buffy comic review here for 11 I think.
Was it an 'Oh well, I guess they're all, like, those comicy-bookies' thing?!

You are joking, right? SNT (amongst others of us) has been a comic reader for many many years.
"Simon looks like Dubya!"

::looks again at cover #3::

I hate you all. I was living in ignorant bliss until you said such things. IGNORANT BLISS.


Anywho, yeah, looks a bit... off. But I definitely prefer it to cover #1. Mal looks stranger than Kaylee does, and even though River looks more like slightly makeuped Summer rather than happy yet still disheveled River and is missing a bit too much of her jawline... I like it. It's sweet. And definitely captures River's spirit. Hee.
Buffy's cover, makes me wonder whether Andrew took his camera along to the trip to Tokyo.
For anyone worrying about likenesses, head over to

They have larger, higher quality covers, which makes the Serenity crew a little more attractive.

Thanks for the other link. I hadn't thought about double clicking on the little covers until you posted that.

Also hope issue 3 includes directions on how to turn Alliance paper money into Serenity. Time to drop QMX a note. They are the ones selling Alliance money replicas. I'll send them your link.

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