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June 04 2003

Tuesday Morning Quarterback discusses the Buffy finale. (Scroll right down for the article.)

"Even if you possessed super-strength, could you cause someone to fly 15 feet by punching them? Somehow, TMQ doubts that even a substantial amount of energy, transferred into a person's body by a fist-shaped impact, would propel a person long distances through the air, rather than just break bones and do tissue damage. Can any hard-core science type explain the physics?"

Also interesting for spray on cleavage.

Hmm, don't see the connection to the NFL but it does pretty much sum up my (disappointed) feelings about the shambles that was Season 7
They make SOME good points about season 7, but they tend to be way they weren't paying attention. The cops in Sunnydale were getting crazy due to the hellmouth...which is the same reason people were leaving town...which is the same reason nobody really cared when they saw Faith being arrested. Buffy certainly did NOT help Faith fight the cops, and, if memory serves, they had a conversation about responsibility, not about their "boyfriends".

TMQ also mentions the joining spell at the end of Season 4 and wonders how Buffy "forgot" she had telekenetic powers. I don't think I even need to explain that...most people here understand what happened there.

There are many, many other inaccuracies in that horrible piece of "journalism"...if you're going to critique something, at least try to be informed.
Anya did kind of stop 'porting this season, though, to be fair.
Of course, by the middle of this last season, Anya was human again.

One of many points that seems to have escaped the reviewer.
Did anyone else feel that the word "gazongas" had been edited out of the article? Whoo-hoo, 9th grade newspaper style, alive and well. Suspension of disbelief, not so much.

"Dude, no way could Superman fly so fast that the earth would spin backwards. And even if he did, we'd all fly off and get sucked into the sun."

"True dat. And check the gazongas on the slayer chick."

"I'd like to spin those backwards!"
Of course, by the middle of this last season, Anya was human again.

Then why wasn't she 'porting in the BEGINNING of the season?
Then why wasn't she 'porting in the BEGINNING of the season? covered by Anya the vengeance demon near the end of Season 6, teleportation is only to be used in work-related cases. There's a whole bunch of paperwork she would've had to fill out. Plus she didn't need to.
Did the person who did the review watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Their critique was hard to read because it had so much incorrect information in it. Maybe the author should watch the show then correct their critique and post it again.
Okay, so how much Buffy did they even watch if they have to ask, why didn't the demons just shoot Buffy?

I will agree with the death scene/"I'm all fine now." statement though.
Teleporting wasn't a right just a priviledge that Anya told Willow (Season Seven #3 "Same Time, Same Place")she lost except for vengence/work related matters because of undoing a vengence wish. Season Seven #2 "From Beneath you it Devours"
Cool. Works for me.
I'm not going to say anything about this lamely written, completely non-sensical article but did anyone else notice the incredible amount of chessecake photos on this page. There must be at least half a dozen.

This is what happens when sports columnists try to be funny.
This article is laughable in how off the mark it is. Was this person actually a Buffy watcher? They seem to have the comprehension level of a 4 year old. I'll just assume this was meant to be funny and move on.

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