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February 13 2008

Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain leave the production of "Women's Murder Club". Following strong indications that this show might be a goner, the classic Angel writing duo leave the show.

The show was pretty bumpy, but I enjoyed the cast, and wished they could at least shoot the remaining episodes from the original order to wrap that kiss me not killer season storyline.

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I liked this show, most of the storylines were okay and the acting was better than I expected. I bought in to all the characters, especially Boxer and Jacobi, and would now watch a new show just because Harmon or Allen are in it.

I will say that I hated and despised their transitions, so 70's and cheesy. Made me think of Starsky and Hutch or for some reason Streets of San Francisco which I've never even seen. Perhaps it was an SF homage.
I too really like this show (I say like in the present in hopes that it will not be axed). I had never read the Patterson novels before watching the show, but since have started to pick them up. I think Harmon is amazing and I absolutely adore her rapport with Allen. Paula Newsome's Claire is also remarkably endearing. While it isn't the best show that's ever been on television, it is, IMHO, one of the better gems of the season. It can be predictable and formulaic, but in a way that is still charming. I was glad to learn that Joss is a fan of the show.

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