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February 13 2008

Christian Kane's 'Leverage' greenlit by TNT. The show is slated to appear this year.

Yay! I seriously hope this role is better than the one Christian had in Close To Home.
Yipeee! It'll be great to see Christian on TV again. And the show sounds like a pretty interesting watch. I'll definitely check this out once it comes on.
Yummy! I seriously agree with you menomegirl, Chris really deserves a good role, he is such a talent.
Yes, and thank the maker it's on TNT and not that other network. I think I will enjoy this show.
Been following this on John 'Kung-Fu Monkey' Rogers' blog (he wrote the pilot and is co-creator) but didn't realise Christian Kane was in it. There's an interesting (if intermittent) "production diary" of the filming of the pilot starting here.

Very much looking forward to this, it sounds sort of like 'Sneakers' the series crossed with the Travis McGee books. On his blog Rogers mentions a scene between Hutton and Saul Rubinek who isn't mentioned on the blurb, maybe he got cut ? Pity if so, I think he's a great actor and very likeable performer.

(another interesting aspect that wasn't clear from the linked article is that the pilot was made independently of the studio system and then sold directly to the network by its creators. If it's a success it might set a very healthy precedent)

ETA: And Gina Bellman ! Fab.

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Whoa, Gina Bellman is in it? Loved her in Coupling and especially in Jekyll.
This is great news, Christian Kane on a series that sounds really promising, double goodness.

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