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February 13 2008

"How I Met Your Mother" returning on March 17th. CBS has announced that the series will produce nine post-strike episodes to wrap up the season.

I'm happy about this.
Me too, me very too! It's a great show to be a fan of, with lots of in-jokes and continuity. It combines comedy and emotion in a masterful way.

ETA: boy, I am posting on here a lot today.

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You know, I only started watching this for Aly - never really expected to like it, since I really haven't cared for sit-coms in years. But I find it's grown on me, and it's one of the few shows I actually make it a point to catch.
This show is genius. Seriously, 3 seasons in and still very strong.
Oh, finally! I thought I was going to die without it!
My situation was the same as Rowan Hawthorn's. I started watching because of Alyson, but wow. The show is amazing!

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Ditto. Started for Alyson, but Robin Sparkles owns me.
You had me at Slapsgiving.
So... does this mean Aly won't be at the Buffy reunion on March 20th?

Because I wanna see her.

While I'm there.

Hey did anyone see that the poll results are 63% for Ally's show?
This show is so...wait for it....Legendary. Yes, a bit over used, but oh so Barnilicious!
It could never be overused!
This news could almost get one in the mood for...

It has been a shadow of its former self since the end of Season 1.

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Uh oh. CBS has announced renewal for 11 shows next season, but How I Met Your Mother is not on the list. Is this why they're rushing 9 more episodes? I hope it's enough time to wrap it up, if indeed it's not being renewed. They still have a couple of months to decide, but this worries me.

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You wouldn't believe how happy I am about this!!!

And then I read the comment about HIMYM not coming back next season. Thanks alot. LOL, jk.

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