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February 14 2008

Things That Make You Go Kaboom. Forget about best kisses/couples polls, Valentine's Day should really be about "who is your favourite exploding character?". Happily has a top ten list on this very topic and The Judge get blown up by Buffy's rocket launcher is one of the entries.

There's only one word for this: Awesome.

By the way there's another couple listing thingie over at
Great, great list, but where the hell's Daffy Duck drinking gasoline, nitrogylcerin, gunpowder, and uranium 238 then swallowing a match onstage?

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How could someone have such a list and not include the drummers in This is Spinal Tap?
The Judge was only so-so for me. But the exploding vampires in From Dusk Til Dawn? Jaws? Those were frikkin classic. Great list all around.

And yes Romo Lampkin, I definitely agree about Daffy's glaring omission. Wouldn't have all this fine explody goodness were it not for the greats. ;)
When I think exploding, I think Scanners.
"Jaws" had exploding vampires? I need to watch that one again more closely!
When I think exploding, I think Scanners.

There's a really ace explosion in Lifeforce. A dried husk of a body goes kaboom on an operating table.
You mean there's more after the entity leaves Mathilda May ? I always thought the film ended there.

That bit in 'Licence to Kill' is a corker, hilarious yet nasty.
I'm glad someone there in the comments section brought up Scanners and The Fury. I know some people I'd like to blow up with the power of my mind (there's 50 bucks in it for you if you can help me figure it out). There's also a nifty scene in Total Recall where someone blows up in their spacesuit; atmosphere and all that. It isn't spectacular in scale but huge in the gross factor/powers of imagination.

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I can't say that the Judge can really compare with some of those other explosions. The Judge wasn't all that great a villain, and although his explosion was a great moment in a great episode, it's hard for it to stand side by side along such luminaries of exploded things as Jaws and the Death Star.
Sorry, wrong topic.

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I thought Arzt's explosion was pretty great. I would say unexpected but he was kinda holding dynamite at the time. Sudden would be a better word.
The Judge was great, but for a Buffy pick the exploding heads of the Gentlemen in "Hush" was slightly better.
Just noticed - the quote off to the side currently is Willow's "I need my vicarious smoochies."

Judge go boom. Buffy blew the big blue baddie to bits.

Yes, the exploding Gentlemen heads were...gross.

What about when the Uruk-Hai got past the defenses and blew up the outer wall of Helm's Deep? There was a head that flew towards the camera. Nasty bit of work. (I haven't read the list, so sorry if that's mentioned.)

But for busting someone open with something other than your typical explosives, I'd have to go with Paul "Maud'dib" Atriedes splitting open Feyd Rautha after their battle. Don't piss off the Kwisatz Haderach.
Please tell me that they haven't overlooked Illyria in 'Time Bomb'.

Cos that would be... wrong.

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