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February 14 2008

Common Rotation scores a hit! Adam Busch (Warren) and his band Common Rotation sing three of their songs in "Defying Gravity," an independent film scored by CoRo's own Eric Kufs. Enjoy the trailer (linked above), and see the film when it debuts at the Los Angeles Digital and Hi-Def Film Fest on Mar. 29. It should also be available soon on DVD!

I have seen the film (nothing to do with the song from "Wicked," I doubt the filmmakers even knew about that) -- it's a very charming and unusual indie, in my opinion, and makes great use of the Common Rotation songs. The one in the trailer is "True Hollywood Romance" (played over the film's end credits), which has Adam Busch singing lead vocals.
"Color Guard" is one of my favorite songs of the year (in which I got it).
Neat! I always thought CoRo had some great soundtrack songs.

Too bad about the movie's name having such a connotation with "Wicked," though. I mean, the musical's great, but it seems like they're ripping off the song title, even if they aren't.
Great news.
I really love their songs.

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