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February 14 2008

(SPOILER) First look at Runaways #29. It's out next week and Comic Book Resources has a six page preview.

Awesome. Two months late isn't the worst. Gonna have to re-read Joss' previous four issues though (four?! It feels like he's done only two so far, but I guess the present day New York stuff took up more space than I remember), 'cause the momentum's totally lost now.

Anyone have any idea why this book has been so late with this particular arc ? I think I remember reading that Joss had his scripts done well on time, but maybe the artist had other commitments ?

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Well that answers the Xavin question.
Yeah I heard it was the artist too. Which I can't see why, as this art isn't that good. I wish Adrian Alphona stayed with "Runaways." But I'm not going to complain about the current artist, because I've seen character sketches from the artist who is taking over after Joss's run. The next artist draws the characters as if they were Weekenders.
Yeah, I totally don't remember anything about what's going on.
I think Michael Ryan's art's fantastic, personally. Sure, it would be nice if original artists could stay with a book until completion (which may never happen with Runaways if creator Brian K. Vaughan has his way--he said he never wants the series to end). Alphona's stuff was nice, and I know speed of drawing is different for every artist no matter what the level of detail they put into the characters and backgrounds...but I see nothing in Michael Ryan's art that would necessarily make him slower or faster than Adrian Alphona.

I know the art's been an issue of contention for some readers, but honestly I think Ryan is shaping up to potentially be a definitive Runaways artist. He's given all the characters more distinct faces (although Chase is slimmed down some, build-wise, unfortunately). I liked Alphona's because it gave me a feel for what the series might (and should) look like if it ever became a cartoon.

Which artist is taking over after the Joss/Michael Ryan run ? I know Terry Moore is the writer (would kill for him as the artist too...that would be unique).
Yeah, I totally don't remember anything about what's going on.

At the end of #28...
Nico: danger; capture; heartbreak
Victor: romance
Chase: timetraveling
Karolina: trying to help a superkid
Xavin: questioning Karolina's feelings for him her*
Molly: the usual
Leap: possibly shady
Gertrude's parents: mournful and violent
Kingpin: loves chocolate

* I have to get used to my "but I think Xavin identifies more as male by default" impression being refuted.

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Yeah, I totally don't remember anything about what's going on.

That is my main problem with this story too. I adore the characters, Joss' storytelling is gloriously crazy and funny but the delays are so incredibly detrimental to the series. For some reason in my mind they're hitting Runaways harder than they ever did for Astonishing X-Men.
Yeah, the delays do suck pretty hard. I really hate to say it, but in a way I'm glad Joss is handing the book off. This way we might get a little more consistency in the releases.
But userpjx, do we know for certain that that's fair to say ? Is it Joss' fault this time ? Or the artist's ?

The Fray delay way back when was artist Karl Moline getting snagged by another title and having to devote most of his time to that. I don't remember for sure, but there might've been some Joss script lateness too. And what the heck was up with the Angel Volume 2 (4 issues) delay of the final issue back when that book was still with Dark Horse ?
Very excited, been waiting ages!

I forget what is happening too, and all my copies are back at my parents house! Nooo!
I got to read this whole issue yesterday and my local comic shop (look, but not buy). It was good... not great. Joss's run has struck me as Incredible, incredible! slow... incredible! slow... I donno why. I do love the Jossman.

Oh, and in answer to the question, I believe the new creative team is Terry Moore on writing duties and Humberto Ramos on art duties. Not such a fan of Ramos, myself. I'm cautiously optimistic with Terry Moore, though.

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Kris, the new artist will be Humberto Ramos. I'm not terribly excited about that, but I have to admit that his style always seems to work best on teen characters. (Terry Moore's drawing hand is busy on his new creator-owned book, Echo, launching soon.)

Kris again, Fray was Joss being late, he's admitted that. While Karl Moline was waiting, he understandably took another job.

I have to agree with userpjx. I've heard Michael Ryan is the cause of the Runaways delays too, but I also keep hearing that everyone on AXM is perfectly on schedule, and that book is running about a year late.
If anyone wants to see Humberto Ramos's take on the Runaways characters:

(Be sure to bring a barf bag, though)
I'll wait to see how things look in the actual book instead of basing full-on judgement on a single pin-up/concept piece that for all I know is Ramos just working out how he might portray them.

First impressions though ?

Molly's still the same pretty much, so are Karolina and Victor ? Actually I like Ramos' interpretation of Victor a lot.

Nico's fine as long as he doesn't have her dressing like that in the series every issue.

I hate Xavin's design. Hopefully s/he isn't so stick-figurish in female form in the book. Just doesn't look at all like Xavin.

Chase is the biggest departure, but the look arguably fits. We've been lead to believe he's a jock and possibly was a former delinquent bully in his previous life, now he's got the height and muscle to fit the cliche.

I've often liked Ramos' stuff though (not big on how bulgy his characters' eyes sometimes look. That's something that's only gotten more exaggerated). I read and liked most of his vampire teen fare Crimson back in highschool. He's improved his drawings of hands since then, doesn't give the ladies man-hands.

All right, I just took a look at his blog and...

"This is a little sketch i did to let the editors know what is my approach to the kids, this may not be the final word on how they look, but hey, is the first one.

Honestly, I hope they keep his way, I like them, even the skrull girl."

So, yeah, not definitely how they'll look (I can already bet that Terry Moore will shoot down one or two of those designs if he has any pull, which he should, being the writer). Unfortunately he seems happy with his Xavin interpretation.

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Who the frak has been feeding Chase his steroids? That's just wow.
To go back to the Joss Runaways topic now, I have loved his arc and his creation of this Marvel of long ago. And I am way interested in seeing how all of the different threads come together. I also have to say I like Ryan's work on the book. It's no Alphona but it doesn't have to be. And really as long as nobody screws Nico up before she gets her status as an Icon, than I am happy guy. She is the single greatest character to come out of Marvel in a long time. And this comes from someone who loves every member of the cast, even Ghost Alex, Xavin, Old Lace, you name it. And someone who really loves Hisako (and was very happy to see her in Messiah Complex). Nico's just that cool. The characters I am most worried about future people screwing up are Chase and Molly because they are two characters who I would imagine are really hard to write well, but Whedon and Ryan have blown me away onall fronts. I may be sadder to see them go than I was for Vaughan. Maybe.
The characters I am most worried about future people screwing up are Chase and Molly because they are two characters who I would imagine are really hard to write well, but Whedon and Ryan have blown me away onall fronts.

Yeah, even with excellent writers, it seems all too easy for Molly to get kind of pigeonholed as "the kid." She almost seems to be getting younger over time. That scene where Geoffrey Wilder tells her to "drop the Rudy Huxtable routine" and she responds with "Your son took after you, he was a total failure" was just awesome, but we haven't really gotten to see that side to her since.

Chase though, he's been fairly consistently awesome. I do hope he continues to get awesome lines.

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