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February 14 2008

Buffy & Angel make MSN TV Top Couple's List. They also made AOL's Top 20 TV Couples and topped TV Guide's Valentine's Poll.

They came in at #4 on T.V. Guide's own picks.

It's really pointless having three front page entries all in a row on the same subject so I've merged them all into one entry.
I think we have almost enough data to do a meta-analysis on their Love Ranking.
34% on the TV Guide poll is a pretty huge number, especially considering the other couples that were on there.
(Is it SO bad to do a sneaky 'our fandom totally kicks your fandom's ass' dance to the Gilmorer's and X-Filer's here?)
I say dance, missb, dance away. I am not the biggest Buffy/Angel fan but this still put a smile on my face *wink*
Oh hooray for Gomez and Morticia! Always a favorite and proof that there can be functional, loving marriages on television.

Altogether the AOL's list is superior to every other one we've had here.
I agree. The AOL list brought back some fond memories. Too bad Zoe and Wash aren't on the list, though.

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